Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists TNA

Tamil National Alliance (TNA), a political formation conceived by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has become more than just an irritant that the party was perceived to be. The TNA and its leaders are playing a pivotal role in destabilizing Sri Lanka, working tirelessly to weaken the Sri Lankan state and its institutions, and making remarkable progress in the process.

TNA’s 16 Members of Parliament who were selected out just 500,000 votes have found themselves in a position to dictate who should govern Sri Lanka, and dare I say, their objective is not to create conditions for governance but to promote dysfunctionality.

If the TNA gets into an alliance with the United National Party (UNP) to form a government, it would perfectly be normal. However, they don’t want to be in a governing alliance! They want to be in the opposition, but prop up the UNP to form the government. Why?

The TNA and the Tamil Nationalists have built their politics around the narrative that the Government, whether it be UNP or SLFP in power, is a Sinhalese Government. Government of the Sinhalese, for the Sinhalese. As far as they are concerned for Tamils, there should be a separate government. A Tamil government. TNA’s main constituent party Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), referred in English as Federal Party, actually means Sri Lanka Tamil Government Party. Not only they do not want to join the government, they do not want any Tamil person to join a national party that could ensure Tamil participation in governance in Sri Lanka. Then they wouldn’t be able to propagate the narrative that a Sri Lankan government is a Sinhalese government!

Traitorisation of Tamils joining national political parties should be seen in this light. Alfred Duraiappa to Lakshman Kadirgamar have all paid the price with their lives, because their mere presence in government challenged the Tamil Nationalist narrative of Sri Lankan Government is a Sinhalese Government!

Whilst holding on to the position of Leader of the Opposition, neither Mr. Sampanthan nor his Party have ever renounced their core principles of separatism:

1. Tamils of Sri Lanka are a separate nation.

2. Tamil of Sri Lanka have an ethnic homeland comprising of Northern and Eastern Provinces.

3. Tamils of Sri Lanka have the right to self determination.

How can a political party that holds contemptive views of Sri Lanka be allowed to be in a position to determine the formation government? Of course they will vote in no confidence motions.They will show support by producing affidavits. They will paricipate in government benches to show floor strength, only to retreat to opposition benches minutes later.

TNA’s role in current crisis should not be underestimated, and TNA should not be allowed to carry on with its objective of destabilising our nation.

By Arun Tambimuttu

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