Psychology of Tamil Diaspora

Just to highlight the raucous, boisterous, character of Tamils, I would like to bypass the journal on Governance and Psychology and give readers an event that happened in Sydney in November 2015. Its title: “Sydney Tamils boycott Sumanthiran’s meeting in Sydney”. This has some relationships with cultural psychology and cultural neuroscience.

Well, it was not a boycott, however, it was a total gathering to threaten, intimidate, frighten, terrorise daunt, a member of the parliament of Sri Lanka who has travelled 8,760 km from Colombo to Sydney, and was kind enough to face a bunch of educated/non-educated hoodlums, with a view to update what was happening in Sri Lanka. The behavioral pattern here will enlighten readers on Sri Lankan Diaspora Tamil mindset, and whether they are suffering from a neurological and bipolar disorder.

The neurological characteristics of Tamils from the elite caste are as follows: They are cowards and non-kshatriyas. Kshatriyas are the warriors who defend their land. People like SJV Chelvanayagam, Amirthalingham etc are cowards, educated and cunning but they cannot face a formidable situation. Most of their off-springs are also cowards. This is the reason why the Tamil politicians pushed V. Prabakaran and the Valvettiturai (VVT) youngsters into terrorism and violence. Historically VVT people are born kshatriyas like the Karawa of the South of Sri Lanka. Karawa is the descendant of Kaurava of the Mahabharata.

The elite’s objective is to boss around and make the lower caste people work towards achieving their objective. If the lower caste person tends to argue or turn around then they scare into a mob attack. Two examples given is (i) Lower caste law students were beaten to death inside the Chennai Law College while the Police watched, (ii) Dalit people were beaten to death in Assam cos they asked for more wages while the police watched.

Here in November the Sydney bunch of hoodlums surrounded MAS and was shouting. What they want MAS to do was to fight with GOSL to liberate Tamil Eelam. These fools forgot to realize that they are here, some of them came by boat illegally. Some of the people were decent enough to protect MAS as he was to be assaulted by the hoodlums. The Police were called in, and I am sure Police would have arrested if anyone attempted to assault MAS.

The ridiculous part is that these boat people when they demand Tamil eelam the MPs should fight a get it
Kanthar Balanathan

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