Racist Sumanthiran!


(Courtesy of The Island)

After the brutal crime committed by the Muslim terrorists on the Easter Sunday, killing more than 250 innocent civilians, all the leaders, especially Muslim leaders, condemned the brutal terrorist attack. The Muslim leaders not only condemned the killings, but also urged the Muslim community to cooperate with the tri-forces in the investigations.

The Imam of the Kattankudi mosque even refused to bury the terrorists’ bodies in the mosque compound. These incidents prove that most members of the Muslim community did not support the terrorist activities and they want to live a peaceful life.

So far nobody, even anybody from the Muslim community, other than pro-Tamil terrorists Sumanthiran, has alleged that the Easter Sunday carnage was a result of Sri Lanka’s failure to ensure certain basic values.

Will Sumanthiran elaborate on this?

Even the ISIS didn’t claim that they carried out the attack as a result of failure to ensure certain basic values. Is Sumanthiran, an Tamil extremist the spokesman of the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s TNA, trying to justify the brutal attack on the churches like the TNA justified LTTE Tamil terrorism? Since when has he become the mouthpiece of the ISIS?

The TNA, which acted as the agents of the Tigers, not only never condemned the killings of the Tigers, but also worked hand in glove with them. Had the TNA leaders condemned the violent activities and not supported the killings, thousands of innocent lives would have been saved.

Muslim leaders should not follow the destructive path of the TNA, but learn a lesson from them and save the Muslim community.

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