Racist Wingeshwarm asks Indian for federalism

The former northern provincial chief minister, CV Vigneswaran, an extreme racist Tamil politician of pro-LTTE TNA had said that the 13th amendment to the Constitution to will not provide solutions to long standing so called grievances of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka in North and Eats two provinces. According to Wingeshwaram  only a federal system would address the issues of the Tamils.


Issuing a press statement Vigneswaran said that India must realize that the issues that Tamil people were facing were bigger than ever. Thus, India must intervene and ensure that the Northern and Easter provinces receive federal status.


However, political analysis described that out of total 2.1 million Tamils in Sri Lanka only 800,000 are living both East and Northern two provinces while rest are peacefully living in other provinces in Sri Lanka. The separatists Tamil politicians like Wingeshwaram and TNA are promoting the  federal state to North and East of Sri Lanka as a stepping stone to create the separatist Tamil eelam.

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