Road to Divide the Country by Ranil and Sirisena -1

Upon TNA Demand Omanthai Check Point removed

Upon the demand by the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s political party TNA federalist Ranil and minority backed Sirisena agreed to with effect from 29the August all checking of persons has been halted at the Omanthai Checkpoint in Vavuniya on the A-9 road and dismantled the check point completely.
This Security Checkpoint was established on 22 March 2002 with the objective of stabilizing the security situation in the South and the North. With the halting of checking of persons at this barrier, persons travelling from the North to the South and those travelling from the South to the North will be able to continue on their journey without any security checks which is considered to be a grave threat to the nation security.
Only foreigners mainly pro-LTTE NGOs, specially travelling to the North, and lorries travelling to the South carrying scrap iron were checked, and registered at this security point. Also buses and private vehicles plying from the North to the South and vice versa were registered.
Closing of all check points and military installations in North and East deemed to be a pact between Ranil and Sirisena.

Pro-Tamil Terrorist’s Parties To Repeal PTA

Leader of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists  political party Democratic People’s Front and UNP Colombo District MP Mano Ganeshan has demanded to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) on a priority basis.

Ganeshan, demanding for the abolition of this Act to accelerate the cases against the LTTE Tamil terrorist’s prisoners and use them for political activities.

PTA has greatly helped to maintain the security of the country which is still under the threat of Tamil terrorists.    

Tamil Terrorist Political Party  Wanted to Remove Sinhala Buddhist Status of the  Country

Pro-Terrorists failed political party called Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) led by  Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam who comes from a Tamil extremist family rejects the notion of a Sri Lankan nation-state (one nation-one country) for the reason that the numerical strength of the Sinhala Buddhist people, being a permanent majority, would make Sri Lanka in practical terms a Sinhala-Buddhist state.

 Extremist Ponnambalam insist that the recognition of Tamil Nationhood, its right to self-determination and the recognition of the North-East of the island as its territorial unit – its traditional homeland – in line with the Thimpu Principles of 1985 is quintessential to any solution. These conditions and concepts had flatly been rejected by the successive government except Ranil and Sirisena who’s Foreign   Minister Samaraweera has once accepted to begin the talk with Tamil separatists based on so called Thimpu talk.


TNA Demand Post of Opposition Leader

One time acted as representatives’ of LTTE Tamil terrorists; TNA is now demanding the post of Opposition Leader in the country’s parliament.  TNA received 16 parliamentary seats just for mealy 500,000 votes while for the similar numbers pro-UNP political party JVP received just 5 seats.

In 1977 TULF, creators of LTTE Tamil terrorists become the opposition and A  Amirthalingam was the opposition leader . Amirthalingam widely missed used his position of opposition leadership to promote the LTTE terrorism, to carry out anti-Sri Lanka campaign in overseas and promote separatisms in Sri Lanka.

However, in 1987 LTTE Tamil terrorists killed in Amirthalingam in Colombo.


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