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Senanayake to Reform Security Forces – a demand by Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora

National People’s Movement (NPM) presidential candidate and former Army Commander Gen. (Rtd) Mahesh Senanayake who turned to politic to divide Sinhala Buddhists votes against the favorite front running  nationalist presidential candidate launched their policy document at the Foundation Institute, Colombo.

Senanayake, 58 downplayed the concerns about his recent health issues, pointing out that he was fatigued at the time.

Former Auditor General and NPM leader Gamini Wijesinghe, introducing the policy for the Presidential Election, explained that the NPM aimed to bring change to the island through constitutional reforms with wider devolution of power to the Provincial councils and modernisation of the security forces through the NPM’s policy, titled ‘One Country – One Law’.

NPM’s policies on national security pledge to reorganise the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the national intelligence apparatus. According to the policy document, OneCountry – One Law, the armed forces and Police are to be reorganised and modernised. This is a major demand by the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora and UNHRC backed by so called international community under the UNHRC. Mahesh Senanayake, being a soldier who although was not fully engaged in the war in the front in its peak during 2008 and 2009 but being the ex-commander of the Sri Lankan army he should not be aligned with the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists  diaspora demands in his election policy statement to gain Tamil votes.

In November 2015, at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced a £6.6 million package of funding from the UK to Sri Lanka “to support reconciliation, and military reform”.

Senanayake commenced the reformation of Sri Lanka army to some extent during his time as the commander of the SL army with the support of UK backed by Western power who influenced by LTTE Tamil diaspora.

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