Sri Lankan National Anthem and noises from Tamil Nadu

It is reported that the DMK, Tamil Nadu’s major Opposition Party and it’s BJP alley, the PMK have expressed their opposition to Sri Lankan government’s opinion that it is not necessary to sing the Sri Lankan national anthem in Tamil at the forthcoming Independence Day celebrations.

While we reject the view point of the Tamil Nadu’s racist politicians interference in a Sri Lankan domestic issue. which the Sri Lankan Government has the capability of examining in detail and taking their own decisions for the benefit of the country.

We have to reiterate that by making various strident noises concerning Sri Lankan Tamils the Indian politicians are attempting in vain to prove that they are the saviors of Sri Lankan Tamils which places the Sri Lankan Tamils in an awkward position in relation to Sri Lankan nation state.

With regard to the Sri Lankan Nataional Anthem, it was the blunder made by the previous Government which allowed a translated song to be accepted as a national anthem in Tamil whereas the country should have a single National Anthem, the translated Tamil national anthem has number of words which are different to the original including the term, “Sri Lanka Matha’. The action should be taken urgently to rectify this aspect and replace the original song, the national anthem can be written in Tamil ,but it should not be a translation. The government must get its teeth to this issue urgently without any delay.

As for the Tamil Nadu racists politicians we request them to look after their back yard by requesting or demanding the Central Government of India to get them the approval to sing a translated Indian Anthem in Tamil.

We await to hear the response from the Central Indian Government.

Ranjith Soysa

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