Sumanthiran in the Gov. Delegation to Geneva?

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist Jaffna district MP of the Tamil National Alliance, Sumanthiran seems included to the government delegation who representing the critically important 40th session of the Human Rights Commission in Geneva in March.

The extremist Sumanthiran who was firstly appointed to the parliament as a national list MP, is actively working in number of fronts to promote separatism and terrorism again in Sri Lanka.  His main task being the re-drafting the separatist federal constitution with the Yahapalana government leads by pro-minority mindset Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. With the influence of TNA backed Tamil separatist diaspora and Ranil lead UNP has compiled a draft Federal Constitution and has submitted its so-called expert’s review report to the parliament recently.

Sumanthiran a strong evangelist who has close contacts with the same circle of decision makers of Sri Lanka actively worked in drafting and ratifying the anti-Sri Lanka UNHRC 30/1 war crimes and genocide allegations resolution with the great support from then Minister of Foreign Affair Mangala Samaraweera.  The UNHRC has given an ultimatum to Sri Lanka to comply with 30/1 resolution by 40th UNHRC Session to be held in March 2019. So, it is surprised to see that if Sumanthiran who architect the anti-Sri Lanka UN resolution to be included as a member of the government delegation.

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