Tamil Hegemony and National Anthem

It is a great fallacy that the demand for the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil is about ‘Tamil – the language’.

It is not about the Tamils not being able to generate ‘da feeling’ when they sing the Anthem in an alien language. The Tamil who lives as a minority in India or in England sing a National Anthem with hand on his heart- not in Tamil!

The demand is about Tamil hegemony!

It is about the Tamil need for control- in fact the need for more control than a numeric minority in a democracy is entitled to.

What the Tamils need is apartheid like what the Boers had in South Africa! This is the hegemony that motivates Tamils to display the name of their shops in the heart of Colombo only in Tamil and English!

When you want to spit on somebody you spit on their language. Just because the National Anthem is allowed to be sung in Tamil it does not mean that Tamils are going to change their agenda- in fact that will pave the way for the real Tamil agenda of a separatism in Sri Lanak creating a so called Tamil eelaam.

We have not learnt this from the futile attempts of the past of appeasing Tamils. Distortion of the Sinhale flag by wrapping two stripes in green and yellow was rewarded by the delighted Tamils with the Vadukkodai Resolution! Premier Bandaranaike made Tamil a National language; now it is used as the springboard by the Tamils to demand to have a Tamil National Anthem.

If we give the National Anthem in Tamil that will provide the future Tamils with the springboard for a Tamil flag and  Tamil eelam!

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