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TAMIL POLITICS SINKING IN TAMIL LIES – Part I – Reply to C. V. Wigneswaran

Faced with the monumental achievements of the Sinhala-Buddhist civilisation the Tamils have been struggling constantly to pose as if they were the Gullivers who were the founding architects of the nation, from “the dawn of  history”,  and the rest were all second-class Lilliputians. However, in the twentieth century, as decolonisation unleashed the suppressed grass root forces, the Tamils of Sri Lanka were in for a rude shock. They were unnerved and shaken by the consciousness of their scanty history. Their arrogant response was to make a mountain out of their mole hill in the north, partly to claim that they are superior to the other Tamil-speaking people and partly to downgrade the classical heritage of the Sinhala-Buddhists. The inadequacies of their patchy history – unlike the unbroken line of Sinhala-Buddhist history from the pre-Christian era – have forced them to revise and rewrite their history to make them look good in their own eyes and that of the world.

Overwhelmed by the dynamic and the dominant forces of history rising to regain its lost heritage in the  post-colonial age the Tamils have reacted aggressively to claim huge chunks of history and territory – a reactionary move that  has retarded the growth of all communities. Besides, the intransigent and self-destructive politics of the Tamils have boomeranged on them.  Their arrogant political ideology led them to the most humiliating defeat in the  battlefield. Their only consolation has been to blame everything on the Sinhala-Buddhists, even their catastrophic end in Nandikadal.
Unable to face the challenges of the new post-colonial world they took to fear-mongering as the last resort. It is their fears that have driven them to demonise the majority as their perennial enemy. The Tamil leadership has survived in the competitive democratic electorates by creating the Sinhala-Buddhist bogey. The mytho-maniacs of the north cannot survive in the political arena without this bogeyman. Not having a greatness of their own the Tamil ideologues have been on the defensive quite aggressively, often claiming to be as great as the Sinhala-Buddhists, or even superior. Not having a grand history equivalent to that of  the  epic Sinhala-Buddhist civilisation, they fill it with arrogant and ignorant claims that have exacerbated inter-ethnic harmony and peaceful co-existence in the post-independent age.
Consequently, one of the main industries of the Tamil ideologues has been to manufacture a history that has (a) not happened in recorded time, or (b) substantiated by the available evidence of the known past. They are desperately in search of a history that could justify, incontrovertibly, their modern political agenda for a separate state. Without a history comparable to that of the Sinhala-Buddhists their claim for a separate state would be watery. Just nothing more than pachcha thanni!……..

H. L. D. Mahindapala

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