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  • Tamil terrorists Adel Balasiham has a millionaire lifestyle in UK – Haven for Terrorists

Tamil terrorists Adel Balasiham has a millionaire lifestyle in UK – Haven for Terrorists

(Courtesy Asiantribune)

While UK government is making pressure to Sri Lankan Government to arrest and prosecute Sri Lankan war heroes to gain Tamil votes for their respective party politics no efforts has been taken to arrest Adel Balasingham, LTTE Tamil terrorists living comfortably in the UK.

The question raised by the peace champions are that would UK government do the same for other terrorists organisations? It is because of sizeable Tamil votes in the UK major political parties are giving huge concessions to LTTE Tamil terrorists to play wider role in the UK. The classic example is that though LTTE is a banned terrorists organisation in the UK, LTTE members carry out their activities and propaganda freely in the UK soil.

Will this be given to Al Qiada or Hamas?

Adele Balasingham, the wife of former LTTE Theoretician Anton Balasingham is likely be the sole survivor from LTTE’s senior ranks. What is noteworthy is that she has a millionaire lifestyle-all thanks to funds from Tamils who still struggle in dire poverty.

Mrs Balasingham lives in a £1,169,000 millionaire lifestyle ‘mansion’ at Bodley Road, New Malden, Surrey. The detached house has four bedrooms and a bathroom. Mrs Balasingham is now 69 years.
The original version of the London standard newspaper story in 2007 June only released a photo of her but not her address. Mrs Balasingham was careful not to mention it online, or public records of her address.

She was ‘found’ after she accidentally used an email address with a domain belonging to the Surrey university, thus revealing her location.
The email was about taking part in a British event celebrating women of war.

Some observers wonder how a woman in charge of women LTTE terrorist wing -from where a female suicide bomber assassinated former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi -is living in a million-pound house in UK using a domain name email address belonging to the university of Surrey who’s the Chancellor is the Duke of Kent.

How a ‘terrorist’ and a trainer of child soldiers was allowed into any university with young people is beyond belief.

The Evening Standard in 2007 reported: “A senior Sri Lankan High Commission source told the Standard: “Given the association of Mrs Balasingham with the senior ranks of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) she could be seen as a sole survivor.”

Mrs Balasingham is a global security risk for Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

An international arrest warrant should be issued by India and Sri Lanka for her as she is behind hundreds of dead men, women, children, as well as the killing of a world leader.

Some believe that an interpol red notice should be issued on her as well.

According to Evening Standard, “Mrs Balasingham rarely leaves her four-bedroom home.”

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