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The HR High Commissioner is Biased to Tamil- Admiral Weerasekara

The Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara was in the 40th UNHRC session and highlighted that High Commissioner of the HRC is biased toward Tamil terrorists Diaspora.

The full text of the speech delivered by Rear Admiral Weerasekara is as follows;

Mr. President,
Talking about racial discrimination, at present a number of Sri Lankan Sinhalese Army Generals including the Chief of Staff General Silva, are penalized, for defeating the Tamil terrorists.

These Generals were in the war front in the final battle. The High Commissioner has thought it fit to prosecute them under Universal Jurisdiction, for alleged war crimes, based on Panel of Expert report, which was condemned by International war crime experts.

She mentions about absence of credible domestic process, which is far from truth, as there were three domestic commissions and none of them have found any of the Generals responsible for any crime.

She expresses her concern at the appointment of General Silva as Chief of Staff of the Army. He was appointed purely on merit by the President, which is completely an internal matter and the High Commissioner has no right to interfere as per the UN charter.

The High Commissioner also discusses the purported Mass grave in Manner. To hold the Army responsible, the OMP dispatched the samples for carbon dating prematurely, against the advise of the forensic archeological experts. U

nfortunately, for them the remains turned out to be 600 years old!

The conspiracy against Army is clear. They are denied Visa to foreign countries, peace keeping slots, just because they took part in war with Tamil terrorists. The High Commissioner subjects them to Universal Jurisdiction on bogus charges.

USA has withdrawn from this council stating that it is a cesspool of political bias. The High commissioner’s above indifferent attitude towards our war heroes, further substantiate Nikky Hailey’s above statement.

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