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Nawakkuliya temple in progress despite of Tamil’s threats

Keeping the value of the constitution accords of Sri Lanka that ‘foremost place’ to Buddhism, a large Buddhist Stupa is being built by the Sinhala Buddhists in North at the entrance to Jaffna city in Nawakkuliya which is located 7 km east of Jaffna and is a major junction where the two highways A9 and A32 that come from the south join and enter into the city.

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist extremist political party Tamil National Alliance, TNA has exerted pressure on the elected Divisional Council of Chavakachcheriya to raise a court case against the construction of the Dagoba at the Nawakkuliya Buddhist temple. Further, racist then Chief Minister of the Northern Province Vinghegwaran encourages his council members to stop all construction and developments in Buddhist temples Jaffna. The case against the Dagoba construction was filed in 2017 when racist Vigneswaran was the chief minister of the NPC.
Following tireless works by the patriotic Sinhala Buddhist expatriates and local villagers in the Nawakkuliya the Buddhists temple was able to win the court case against the Tamil racism. Following clearance from the court constructions works recommenced now and the works are in progress.

The Dagoba is being built at the entrance to Jaffna to mark the historical Buddhist values in Northern Province.


The Nawakkuliya village is the only Sinhala village in Jaffan where over 50,000 Sinhalese lived before the Tamil terrorism begun. As result of ethnic cleansing promoted by TNA and executed by LTTE Tamil terrorist all the Sinhalese were moved from Jaffna and all their assets were taken by extremists Tamil by force.
Presently over 40 Sinhala families are living in Nawakkuliya village with very basic infrastructure. Both President and Prime Minister had visited Jaffna more than ten times since 2015 to review the welfare and betterment of Tamils who were suffered from their own war and Tamil terrorism but never visited the internally displaced Sinhala people poorly living in Nawakkuliya village and arranged any facilities or welfare.

Part of the Temple

A tined house of a Sinhala IDP in Nawakkuliya

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