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TNA opposes deploying army – to promote violence in Jaffna for eelam

The Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ political party TNA is opposing to deploy the army to tackle Tamil under world violence activities in the Jaffna peninsula. The TNA wanted to keep the Sri Lankan Army who crushed the Tamil terrorists in the camps while promoting the Tamil violence which is ultimately leading to Tamil terrorism.

The TNA plays cheap politics by saying that had the Northern Provincial Council been given police powers, it could have made use of them to prevent the occurrence of such unlawful activities in the province.

And further said that there are a large number of policemen deployed in the North by the Government but their lack of knowledge of Tamil language had become a hindrance to prevent violent activities in the North. The policemen there could not render proper service without the language proficiency said TNA pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist politicians. Such difficulties could be remedied if the proposed new Constitution was implemented as it contained provisions to tackle them.

The TNA who are the official representatives of the LTTE terrorists had forgotten that the Sri Lankan army who wiped out entire Tamil terrorism and its leadership did not speak Tamil language but tackled the Tamil terrorism very well.

TNA is taking all possible opportunity, even Tamil underworld violence to achieve their separatist political objectives

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