TNA Wants MR Back to Stabilize the Country

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists political party TNA Leader of the Opposition and the Tamil National Alliance, R. Sampanthan met former President Mahinda Rajapaksha on August 29 at Rajapaksa’s residence in Colombo 7.

One time Tamil terrorists supporter and separatist Sampanthan had requested for Rajapaksa and the JO’s support to be extended to federalism based so called new constitution process which is currently underway with the blessing of Pro-minority Yahapalana government lead by Ranil and Sirisena.

Rajapaksa had responded that the matter would placed before the JO, adding also that the JO had forwarded 14 proposals against the federalism nature in relation to the constitutional amendments and that they had yet to be formally made aware of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s proposals with regard to the said matter.

Rajapaksa had also noted certain problems of a political nature which remained in terms of the Constitution making exercise and that these included ideological reservations regarding federalism, Unita2status, place for ghe Buddhism and in certain aspects of the process and the fact that other political allies held differing views on the issue.

The duo had agreed with each other on the requirement for further efforts to address political impediments and to overcome obstacles in this regard to be continued so that a viable Constitution which would be acceptable to all manner of political opinions and all sections of the people could be evolved.

Meanwhile, Member of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna / Sri Lanka People’s Front and former Minister Basil Rajapaksa was quoted elsewhere as having said that “Sampanthan (had) publicly invited Mahinda Rajapaksa to join hands and resolve problems that exist. Sampanthan met with Rajapaksa recently after that. He said only Rajapaksa could bring peace to the country. Likewise, he said only Rajapaksa would be able to unite the communities one day.”

There is a probability that a second meeting could be held during the course of September with the adapting of a tactically satisfactory approach in relation to the question at hand, with the involvement and participation of other political parties and groups.

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