Two Muslim and One Indian Tamil Vice-Presidents!

Four political parties, representing minority Indian  Tamil and Muslims communities have forwarded a proposal to the steering committee for constitutional reforms, requesting the creation of three vice president posts, to represent the minorities.

They are proposing these positions should be created through the new Constitution.

Tamil Progressive Alliance lead by Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists  Mano Ganeshan, All Ceylon People’s Congress led by Muslim extremist Rishad Bathiudeen, and  Sri Lanka Muslim Congress lead by Rauf Hakeem who signed a pact with Tamil Terrorists  leader Prabakaran and the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) have made this proposal.

Mano Ganeshan who leading the so called Reconciliation  Ministry of Yahapalana Government is leading this campaign which would definitely destruct  the so called Reconciliation or Sanhidiyawa. He added that this position must rotate allowing all minority communities to hold the position.

Further this minority  alliance is demanding separate Muslim administrative province in the coastal belt of Ampara  district and one for the Up-country of the Island.


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