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  • Until & unless TNA is cleared of links to LTTE terrorist separatism, TNA cannot demand a new constitution

Until & unless TNA is cleared of links to LTTE terrorist separatism, TNA cannot demand a new constitution

That TNA is the main opposition party & its head is the Opposition Leader is inconsequential when there are alarming links that the TNA has to the LTTE not just in the past but in the present as well. So long as these links prevail, it automatically means that the quest to fulfil their common objective remains. When that common objective is to separate Sri Lanka carving out a mono-ethnic autonomous state it is nothing but the Eelam that the LTTE fought for, the Tamil State that the ITAK promised its voters & the internal self-determination TNA assured in its election manifestos. No demands of a proscribed terrorist group can be advocated by a political party and that political party cannot make demands that aligns to the aims & objectives of the terrorists. Investigate TNA for LTTE links first.

INVESTIGATE TNA & CLEAR ITS NAME IF NOT GUILTY and only thereafter should TNA be allowed to make any demands:

TNA was an unregistered political alliance formed by LTTE on 22 October 2001 immediately before the Norwegian backed 2002 cease fire agreement & after realizing that they were losing grip over the Tamil people at the October 2000 Parliamentary elections when even Sambanthan failed to get elected from Trincomalee.

DBS Jeyraj himself describes how TNA was formed by LTTE – dbsjeyaraj.com

TNA declared LTTE as the ‘sole representative’ of the Tamil people in 2001.

LTTE chose TNA candidates for the 2004 General Elections

LTTE rigged the 2004 elections with 5000 LTTE volunteers” to help TNA win. TNA offices are said to have ‘employed’ LTTE cadres.

TNA which won 22 seats is said to have taken oaths in front of Prabakaran & Sambanthan selected as TNA Parliamentary group leader.

The EU Election Observer Mission Chief John Cushnahan in his 17 June 2004 report claims LTTE intended that no other rival Tamil party to the TNA would be able to claim to represent Tamil interests”

TNA MPs abused parliamentary privileges to transport LTTE cadres at security check points.

TNA MPs violated parliamentary privileges & Sri Lanka’s Constitution by carrying out LTTE propaganda & participating in pro-LTTE events even overseas.

LTTE-TNA demands virtually one & the same.

TNA is associated with TGTE which continues to be banned under UNSC 1373 as a LTTE front.

TNA MP Sridharan is linked to Nediyavan, Rudrakumaran & Vinayagam all named & banned by GOSL.

In 2008 ITAK amended its constitution & added a footnote endorsing the 1976 Vaddukoddai Resolution for separatism. ITAK is the main constituent party of the TNA.

All of TNA’s manifestos 2001, 2004, 2010, 2013 & 2015 virtually make the same demands as the LTTE.

2001 LTTE is the sole Tamil National Entity”

2003 TNA, LTTE meet on Interim Administration proposals


2004 accepting LTTE’s leadership as the national leadership of Tamil Eelam”



2004 TNA leaders met LTTE leadership Mr. Sampanthan and former national list parliamentarian Mr.K.Thurairatnasingham will be leaving from Trincomalee to Killinochchi Tuesday morning to meet Mr.S.P.Thamilchelvan and other LTTE leaders regarding mapping out election strategy, TNA sources said.” www.tamilnet.com

It was during the April 2004 election that, according to the PHW, the TNA presented itself for the first time as a proxy for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)” (UN Refugee website) www.refworld.org

2005 LTTE-TNA conference concluded Tamil people have no interest in Sri Lanka’s Presidential Elections”


After the first JVP insurrection, the Criminal Justice Commission Act was enacted in 1972 and 41 JVP leaders were brought to trial and 34 were found guilty and sentenced to jail terms, Rohana Wijeweera was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The TNA & LTTE should face similar charges.

The previous government should have put all the LTTE cadres that surrendered or were caught after the military defeat to a trial in both civilian & military court & sentenced as the JVP leaders were.

Simultaneously, the previous government should have also appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate every person, organization, foreign or local who had links to the LTTE & exposed their names & roles to the citizens & world. Unfortunately, some smart alecs in their inner circles advised them not to.

Playing politics with terrorists only harms the citizens. At the 1977 elections, the JVP did not campaign against the UNP. Ironical isn’t it? After UNP won with 5/6 majority, the UNP leadership immediately repealed the Criminal Justice Commission Act & all the imprisoned JVP leaders were set free. That honeymoon was short lived.

The UNP went on to ban JVP in 1983 which ended up in an armed wing within the JVP emerging. This Deshapremi Janatha Viyaparaya is said to have killed some 6000 parliamentarians, politicians, public servants, mercantile and corporation employees and plantation sector staff, academics & artists.

If JVP too needs to be investigated for these post 1983 killings then so should the other killer squads like DSS (Deshapremi Sannadda Senankaya), People’s Revolutionary Red Army (PRRA) and Black Cats who are said to be accountable for the deaths and disappearances of around 40,000. These names must all be produced to the OMP and force this office to take action on these missing & dead first. While the leaders of these entities need to be exposed & charged for murder.

We continue to say that even the JVP should face trial for its crimes and on this same logic TNA should also face investigation for its links to LTTE terror. LTTE cadres may have used the gun to kill but the LTTE comprised not only armed cadres, these people whether local or foreign who directly/indirectly covertly/overtly helped LTTE over the years need to be all exposed.

They have no right to be making demands to change the country’s constitution when it is crystal clear that their demands are linked to the demands of the LTTE. If TNA’s demands are being entertained it virtually means giving into LTTE demands. 30,000 soldiers did not sacrifice their lives for this result. The armed forces fought to safeguard the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. What LTTE failed to achieve with their guns the TNA cannot be allowed to achieve deceptively through the democratic path influencing a new constitution which external parties are piggy backing on as it advances their own geopolitical/trade agendas. A divided and unstable island, economically destroyed & a socially corrupt society is perfect for the hyenas to prey on. The puppets in power are doing an excellent job on behalf of those that helped the regime change.

TNA must be first investigated & cleared of its links to LTTE terrorism & separatism.

Shenali D Waduge

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words… well here you are – Judge for yourself.

Do you now understand why we are demanding LTTE-TNA links to be investigated & TNA & legal action taken against the TNA? These are no exaggerations or hyped up stories. These are the facts that will naturally hurt those that have been supporting separatism & terrorism.unnamed
This is the LTTE terrorist murderer Prabakaran & to his left is Sri Lanka’s present Opposition Leader
unnamed (1)
Sri Lanka’s Opposition Leader with LTTE’s Anton Balasingham
unnamed (2)
LTTE’s Tamilselvan chairing a meeting. LTTE flag on the table & oh yes Sri Lanka’s Opposition Leader just listening to orders!

unnamed (3)
Sri Lanka’s Opposition Leader is delighted to meet LTTE’s Tamilselvan
unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed (8)unnamed (9)unnamed (10)unnamed (11)
TNA MPs paying homage to LTTE ‘martyrs’ now you know why they are demanding LTTE memorials – its not for Tamils killed but for LTTE cadres killed….unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)
And how sweet – the Opposition Leader holds the Tamil Eelam map – the same LTTE fought & failed & the same which TNA is trying to achieve for the LTTE.

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