Update from Geneva – 1

 Calum Macrae, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists propagandist is now in Geneva to support  LTTE diaspora. Calum has organized a meeting today with Pro-LTTE terrorists diaspora as a part of his contract with LTTE Tamil terrorists. The Tamil terrorists backed diaspora and pro- LTTE Channel 4 TV arranged a high profile interview with a tiger medical doctor Turairaja who worked for the Tamil terrorist organization. Thurairaja surrendered to the Sri Lankan security forces in the eve of LTTE collapse at the bank of Nandikadal in May 2009. Following his released from the detention he is now again working for the LTTE Tamil terrorist propaganda. This meeting which he attended with Channel 4 in Geneva is part of a series of propaganda organized by Calum and LTTE diaspora living in US and EU.

Although Thurairaja accused that LTTE killed many civilians and misused the foods and medicine supplied by the Sri Lankan government to the civilians at his press conference in Sri Lanka in 2009, he has said that Sri Lankan army killed several thousands of civilians in his interview with the Channel 4 in Geneva.

Calum met further  Fr. Emanual who running the LTTE Tamil terrorist propaganda in Europe under the cover of Christian church with Bishop in Jaffna and Mannar.


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