Victory to Celebrate

I celebrate the Victory we achieved on May 18, as a country.
Knowing my child will not be blown up with a bomb is victory. Knowing children of North will not be conscripted as cannon fodder is also victory.

Being able to travel to Ampara, to work for more than a year via Mahaoya, Bakkiella, Aranthalawa without the fear of an ambush is victory. People of north coming and staying in Colombo without having to register at Police stations is also victory.

My not having to take leave to check the bags for bombs at the gate of my child’s school is victory. Parents of North not having to worry about shells falling on their children’s schools is also victory.

Couples in the South not having to take different transport for the sake of their children is victory. Eliminating the necessity for underage marriages in north to prevent forced conscription is also victory.

Being able to take Yaal Devi to Jaffna without a visa is victory. A Jaffna man being able to take Yaal Devi to Colombo without a visa is also victory.

Jaffna onions coming to Pettah is victory. Batteries going to Jaffna is also victory.

Residents of Kebithigollewa not having to sleep in the jungle is victory. Residents of Mannar not having to pack their belongings and go on an endless march towards Mullathivu is also victory.

We could go on & on ….

All this was possible because Prabhakaran was eliminated. That is victory. Thus thousands of lives were saved. That is victory.

This is probably the biggest achievement of Sri Lanka since she got Independence in 1948.  In the process thousands of brave soldiers, innocent citizens and misguided youth lost their lives.

Let’s observe a two minute silence for them.

Some believe that there is no victory to celebrate.

Let’s observe a two minute silence for them, too.

(by Waruna Jayasinghe)


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