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Vigneshvaram wants International Legal System in Sri Lanka

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists Northern Province Chief Minister Vignesvaran demanded to find a so called political solution for the Tamils through an International legal system. Extremist and racist Vignesvaran was addressing a convened by an extremist Tamil group called “Tamil People’s Council”  in Jaffna..

Another Tamil terrorist sympathizer former professor of Law Faculty of University of Colombo, Prof. S. Swarnaraj who participated in the peace talks during the failed Norwegian peace facilitation period was also present at this meeting.

Extremist Vingeshvaran   said that the International Community is looking forward to a constructive response from the Lankan Government towards devolution of powers and a judicial mechanism on investigating alleged war crimes.

Pro-LTTE Yahapalana government lead by Pro-Federal Ranil and Sirisena  are working tirelessly to form a Federal State in Sri Lanka in favour of extremist separatist Tamil as a part of the pact agreed in the infamous “Singapore Talk” .

United Nations Human Rights Council is scheduled to meet in March 2018 and will look into the progress made in implementing the UNHRC’s resolutions 30/1 jointly sponsored by Pro-Minority Yahapalana governments with Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA.

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