Vijayagrahanaya Celebrations

Whole Island celebrated the 9th Vijayagrahanaya over the LTTE Tamil terrorist except pro-minority Ranil and the Yahapalana government. Several celebrations were organized by number of civil society and religious groups. While Yahapalana government suspending the Vijayagrahanaya state sponsored celebration it allowed to Northern Provincial council to  organize the so called Tamil Genocide Day under the government blessing. The chief minister of Northern Province, extremist Vingeshwaram officially declared 18th May as the public holiday to mark so called Tamil Genocide Day to denounce the heroic victory of Rana Viruvo. However, Yahapalana government lead by Executive President Mithreepala Sirisena did not exercise his executive powers to annul such decree  issued by Chief Minister of Northern Province.

A large scale Vijayagrahanaya celebrations were organized by Global Sri Lankan Forum, GSLF in Kurunegala where most number of Rana Viruvo has enrolled to the Sri Lankan forces, while former President and Defence Secretary  attended to similar weeklong event in Hokandara. Sunethradevi Pirivena in Pepiliyana organized Vijayagrahanaya celebreation event with the participation of hundreds of former Rana Viruvo.



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