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  • Yahapalanaya allows to Erect Monuments to Tamil Terrorists

Yahapalanaya allows to Erect Monuments to Tamil Terrorists

The Yahapalana government has allowed Tamil racist extremists to build monuments in memory of LTTE Tamil terrorists. A memorial road arch monument is being allowed to construct in so called memory of 55 Tamil terrorists whom the Air Force had killed in a targeted aerial attack to a LTTE training camp at Chenchoalaya on 14 August 2006 in Mulathive.

The Yahapalana government keep blind eye on these pro-LTTE activities under guise of so called reconciliation.

The LTTE sympathizers and pro-Tamil terrorist TNA politicians who are running these illegal projects had  obtained the permission to build the structure from Local Council which is being administrated  by pro-LTTE TNA politicians an year ago which had now been expired.

A foreign funded pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist NGO called Vanni Cross which conducts the event and working as front organization had collected money from the villagers to inscribe the names and the photos of the Tamil terrorists who were killed in the air attack by Air Force in 2006.

The Tamil terrorists killed in the 2006 attack were attending to a training of emergency support services at LTTE training center in Chenchoalaya.

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