Yahapalanaya – One sided Reconciliation

Since the so called Yahapalana government came to power in 2015, leaders of the government are preaching the Reconciliation and Coexistence among the majority Sinhalese in the south. It is an evident and proved in practically, those so called “Sahajeewanaya” and Sanhidiyawa” is one sided. All government mechanisms with the lavish support from the foreign funded anti-Sri Lankan NGOs are promoting the so called Reconciliation and Coexistence among the majority Sinhala people except in North and East two Provinces.

The Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ political party, TNA, pro-minority and pro-Federal Yahapalana government leaders; Ranil, Mangala, Sirisena with the racist extremists like Mano Ganeshan, Chandrika, Mangala, Jayampathi working in all possible ways to create a Federal State in Sri Lanka through the so called Reconciliation and Coexistence.
The following is the classic example to illustrate how the so called Reconciliation and Coexisting working in North and East without any trouble from the Government’s law enforcement agencies.
The following picture shows how the directional sign boards were prior of so called Yahapalanaya;

directional sign

The next picture below shows that how it is now after TNA taken over the ruling of the Provincial Councils;
directional sign 2

This is what to say by Arun Tambimuttu whose father gunned down by the LTTE Tamil terrorists supported by the TNA;


This incident is one of thousand such incidents happening in North and East daily basis under the Tamil dominated Provincial Council. Just imagine what would be the situation if Federal status given to North and East two provinces as a one joined single Province by Ranil and Sirisena through the new Constitition?

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