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Yahapalanaya to release more LTTE Terrorists and Strategic Lands

As a so called “New Year Gift” to the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA and extremist Tamil diaspora, the pro-minority Yahapalana government lead by federalist Ranil and Sirisena are planning to release more LTTE Tamil terrorist prisoners and the lands which are strategically important for the national security in the High Security Zone (HSZ) in Jaffna. These military sensitive lands are located in Palali in the Valikamam North Divisional Secretariat in Jaffna. The lands had been acquired by the security forces due to its strategic importance since 1990.

Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Hindu Religious Affairs Minister, an extremist Tamil minister, D.M. Swamminathan is working round the clock to get released these lands to gain his political advantages during the Sinhala Tamil New year festive season.  The racist Rehabilitation and Reconstruction minister is only working for Tamils but never attempted to solve the problems of Internally Displaced Sinhala People in North and East two provinces due to Tamil terrorism.

Since the pro-minority Yahapalana government came to power scores of hard core LTTE Tamil terrorist prisoners had been released in various occasion as a part of the election and political agreement came with pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party TNA in Singapore.

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