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Yahapalanaya Wants Pro-LTTE Terrorists TNA as Opposition Leader – Part of Singapore Pact

Yahapalana government who came to power with the help of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists political party TNA who won 14 seats in the parliament  from just little over 400,000 votes are  keeping the post of Opposition Leader with the support of federalist and pro-minority Ranil and Sirisena as part of the infamous pact agreed in Singapore.

Since the Yahapalana speaker decided in favour of pro-LTTE TNA in the crisis of Opposition Leader, Joint Opposition (JO) parliamentarians are planning to quit the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in the coming week launching another bid to secure the leadership of the Opposition.

Mr.  Dullas Alahapperuma had said if the Joint Opposition party leaders who are scheduled to meet on Tuesday (14) unanimously endorse the decision to quit the UPFA steps will be taken to give effect to that decision with immediate effect. Accordingly 70 MPs in the Joint Opposition (JO) could breakaway to form an independent group.

The JO has already complained to the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) regarding the issue of the Opposition Leader. “Nearly 50 percent of the people have voted for us and we cannot let their mandate go unheeded in Parliament,” he said.

“We only wanted to show how unjust the incumbent Speaker is” he said adding that if their positions as UPFA MPs in Parliament poses an obstacle they would not hesitate to take a decision regarding it.

Making a special announcement in Parliament on Friday (August 10), Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that his final decision is that the constitutional and Parliamentary tradition did not warrant him to effect any change in the post of the Opposition Leader. However, he assured that he would allocate more time and provide more space in Parliamentary Committees for the JO in keeping with the number of MPs in its ranks. The Speaker also made it clear that the Opposition Leader post should be held by a person who is not from a political party representing the Government.

With prevailing privileges for the Opposition Leadership, TNA cultivating the separatism in Sri Lanka in the form of Federal state as stepping stone to so called Tamil eelam. A former Tamil Opposition Leader in 1970s misused his Opposition Leadership privileges to promote the Tamil terrorism and Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka

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