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  • Pro-LTTE Mayor of Jaffna arrested

    Pro-LTTE Mayor of Jaffna arrested

    The pro-LTTE Mayor of Jaffna, Viswalingam Manivannan was arrested by Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) at around 2.30am on Friday morning for his attempts to revive the LTTE Tamil terrorism in Jaffna.

    Manivannan, who is also an attorney-at-law, was …

  • LTTE Groups Banned

    LTTE Groups Banned

    The Sri Lankan Government has banned a number of pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora groups, including some organizations based in the UK.

    Some of the groups were banned in 2014 but were de-listed by the Yahapalanaya pro-Western Federalists Government in 2015.

    The …

  • Two Tamils arrestee  for ‘promoting terrorism’ online

    Two Tamils arrestee for ‘promoting terrorism’ online

    The Sri Lankan Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) attested two pro- LTTE Tamil terrorists Tamils in Jaffna on Monday for “promoting terrorism” and promoting “terrorism-related activities” on their YouTube channel in Sri Lanka.

    Tamil terrorism was defeated and wiped-out from Sri  …

  • Indian Hypocrisy is Himalyan

    Indian Hypocrisy is Himalyan

    In a lofty speech delivered via video to the 75th General Assembly of UN (September 2020) – the first of its kind initiated in the wake of the pandemic — Prime Minister Narendra Modi took great pains to explain a …

  • UNHRC resolution illegal – GOSL

    UNHRC resolution illegal – GOSL

    The government yesterday told Parliament that the recently ratified UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka was illegal.

    Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that the resolution was an attempt to interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. “Sri Lanka considers the resolution unwarranted. …


  • The US war in Afghanistan: A historic crime

    The US war in Afghanistan: A historic crime

    US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that the American military intervention in Afghanistan will be brought to an end by September 11, 2021, and the last American soldier will leave that country several weeks before the 20th anniversary of …

  • New Actors Taking Lessons from LTTE

    New Actors Taking Lessons from LTTE

    Indian security officials believe the interception of a Sri Lankan boat carrying 300 kilograms of heroin, five AK-47 guns and ammunition off the coast of Vizhinjam in Kerala in South India last week points to a network of narco-terrorism with …

  • Colombo Port and the 13A

    Colombo Port and the 13A

    When Milinda Moragoda was appointed as Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in New Delhi, quite a few eyebrows were raised.  It was not because of any concern regarding his competence, but because of serious allegations of corruption against him running into …