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Muslim radical politician Mujibur Rahman receives widespread condemnation

Mujibur Rahman denied truth when he disputed the foreign minister Ali Sabry’s statement that Canada is a safe haven for terrorists. Foreign minister received wide praise for his honesty.

It has been established beyond doubt that the single biggest fund raising base of the LTTE is Canada.

Under UNSCR 1373, the Canadian Tamil Congress led by Gary Anandasangaree was designated a terrorist entity.
In addition to Babbar Khalsa International, a dozen terrorist groups including al Qaeda and Islamic State raise funds in Canada. The overwhelming evidence has been documented in “Cold Terror How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism around the World” by Stewart Bell.

Members of Babbar Khalsa International already conducted two massive bombings including the world’s worst act of aviation terrorism before 9/11. They were bombing Air India Flight 182 (Kanishka) killing all 329 on board flying from Canada to India over the Atlantic on June 23, 1985, and the bomb planted in another Air India flight that killed two in Japan’s Narita airport.

Mohammed Mujibur Rahman who lost his seat in parliament is notorious in Sri Lanka for promoting the Easter Sunday conspiracy theory. A member of the Saudi funded Wahhabi group Tawheed Jamaat Mujibur Rahuman has made a fool of himself again by protecting another terrorist group operating on Canadian soil.

Mohammed Mujibur Rahman, an accounts clerk in a store in Pettah, entered politics after his refugee application by the US was declined. When the US embassy in Colombo found out that Mujibur Rahman had burnt the US flag during a demonstration in front of Zahira college, his refugee application was denied.

Top : Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Kalistan Separatist Movement.
Bottom left : Garry Anandasangaree, LTTE Shadow Leader (Canada).
Bottom right ; Mujibur Rahman, Wahhabi Leader in Sri Lanka.

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