• Ambassador Chung and xeroxable change

    Ambassador Chung and xeroxable change

    Aragalaya. Translatable as revolt, uprising, protest, agitation, struggle or even insurrection. Aragalaya is singular, but considering statements and actions it was certainly not marked by concert, ideological agreement, unity of purpose etc. Eclecticism was the signature of the rumbling. There..

  • Army in Welfare Mission in North

    Army in Welfare Mission in North

    While political and economic crisis in the island, the troops in North-East continued to support the everyday life of civilians in the region. Following are the list of welfare events: Members of the 17 (V) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment handed out..

  • News again security  forces.

    News again security forces.

    Public Earnestly Urged Not to be Duped by Misleading & Malicious Media Reports It has been brought to notice that certain interested parties giving misleading and concocted interpretations and propagating baseless, unfounded and provocative allegations are attempting to discredit and..