Open letter to British PM Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,

We Sri Lankans deeply appreciate your decision not only to participate in the CHOGM but to visit the North to get first hand information on the human rights violations of the Tamils by the(Sinhala) govt.
It is a pity that you couldn’t become the British PM while the war was on because then you would have who violated whose human rights and who was responsible for all chaos and destruction. Unfortunately your predecessor Tony Blair was not interested in ascertaining the truth.
When in Jaffna please listen to the Tamils who suffered most under the jack boot of the LTTE. According to what I saw on the TV a large group of old Tamils, both men and women, wanted to complain against the LTTE to Navi Pillay but they were not given an opportunity. I am sure that you will find the time to give them a patient hearing.
Visiting Jaffna is not enough; you must also visit Batticaloa where 600 unarmed Sinhala policemen were shot in cold blood reneging on the promise that they will not be harmed if they surrendered. Karuna Amman and Pillayan ,now with the govt, will be able to show you the exact spot and give a report of the massacre.
Since it is not possible to name or visit all the places where LTTE massacres took place I will name only a few places which you should perforce visit , Sri Maha Bodhiya premises at Anuradhapura, Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Arantalava where a bus load of Buddhist monks were massacred, two mosques In Batticaloa where Muslims at prayer were murdered, Sri Lanka Central Bank premises, the CTO building, Pettah Bus stand, Maradana junction, Dehiwala where the train tragedy took place, Armour Street junction where President Premadasa was blown to pieces.
If you find the time please visit the places where large quantities of arms and ammunition ad been hidden so that you get a clear idea of the LTTE plans. All this is important because you still give shelter to the LTTE probably for a quid pro quo. This will also give you an idea of what is in store for you if you rub them on the wrong side.
When you have visited all the places mentioned you will be able to decide for yourself that a legally elected government could not have kept quiet when the LTTE went on the rampage. If you had occasion to face what Sri Lanka faced you would have done what our government did in double quick time.
Also please study what happened during all the thirty years and not only what happened during the last few days of the war because that will be unfair.



(Courtesy of Island)

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