Reduce to Depend on India

As India is not playing a friendly country role with Sri Lanka since the formation of LTTE Tamil Terrorists by former Prime Minister Indira Ghandi and violation of Sri Lankan air space by force by her son, Rajeev Ghandi  the relationship with India was always in strain. This strain relationship has come to its lowest level when Indian with US and Western allies voted against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC since 2012. Further boycott of CHOGM and interfering with Sri Lankn affairs make the time to Sri Lanka to consider about India seriously.

As a first step of such considerations, it seems that Health Ministry of Sri Lanka is to reduce importing medicine from India who was the major supplier in the past and is now to sign Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with Malaysia, Bangladesh and Thailand as altertuve supplier to India  to purchase pharmaceuticals which would  reduce dependency on India.

Sources of the  Health Ministry reported that Ministry is unable to take any action against the Indian drug manufacturing companies as such an action could be detrimental to us as those companies maintaining a monopoly in the supply. Some Indian companies supply more than 80 varieties of drugs to us. If we take action against them for violating tender procedure, there are possibilities that they may withdraw their contract with us. If so, who will have to suffer?

In many cases Indian companies have supplied substandard or low efficacy drugs, the Health Ministry has only stopped purchasing that particular drug but have not blacklisted the entire company as the same company supply  other drugs.

Sources further found  that the decision taken by the Health Ministry to sign MoUs with Malaysia, Thailand and Bangladesh would send a warning signal to Indian companies and Indian government in  the political front.


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