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    (Courtesy of The Daily Mirror)

     By Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

    How is it that the much-celebrated peace agreement heralding national reconciliation in Colombia between its FARC guerrillas and Columbia’s President Dos Santos just signed in Havana in the presence of President …

  • Geneva 2015 was not inevitable

    Geneva 2015 was not inevitable

    Courtesy The Nation

    As the UK Permanent Representative explicitly stated when addressing the Human Rights Council on Oct 1, the US-UK resolution is firmly founded upon Zeid al Hussein’s report. As Zeid al Hussein made amply clear in his video …

  • Prince Zeid’s War On Sri Lanka

    Prince Zeid’s War On Sri Lanka

    One thing I’ll say for Prince Zeid al Hussein: he’s a straight talker, clear, firm, strong and pointed, i.e., effective in his expressions of opinion, however unfair, absurd and frankly ridiculous they are. It’s a pity I cannot say the …

  • Three stooges in Long Hot Summer

    Three stooges in Long Hot Summer

    John Kerry was right, but only half right, when he commended Samaraweera for noting that true sovereignty can only be protected by asserting our multiethnic, multi-religious, multi lingual character. Both Kerry and Samaraweera forgot the flip side, namely that the …