Consultation Taskforce dodging with Its deadline

The so called Consultation Taskforce appointed by government is dodging with its deadline to provide the proposal by the public. Highly controversial and biased Taskforce headed by Manouri Muttetuwegama and pro-LTTE Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu who is acting as Secretary to the Taskforce has given just 7 days notice to the Sri Lankans living  in Australia to provide their proposals to the so called Taskforce.

Public of Sri Lanka has lost their confidence on the members of Taskforce appointed by the present pro-minority government. The past track records of most of the members are considered to be anti-Sri Lankan stance and worked against Sri Lanka in many world forums during the previous government and has worked to discredit the image of Sri Lankan security forces and government.

The composition of the Taskforce is five Sinhala members (45% of total members of the Taskforce), four Tamil members (37%) and two Muslim members (18%) in a country where Sinhalese represents 78% of the population.

The members of the Taskforce are;

  1. Manouri Muttetuwegama (Chairperson)
  2. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu (Secretary)
  3. Gamini Viyangoda
  4. Visaka Dharmadasa
  5. Shantha Abhimanasingham
  6. Sitralega Maunaguru
  7. K. W. Janaranjana
  8. Daya Somasundaram
  9. Farzana Haniffa
  10. Gameela Samarasinghe
  11. Mirak Raheem

The track records of Paikiasothy, Viyangoda, and Somaundaram are not at all Sri Lanka friendly but anti-Sinhala attitude. The majority of members in the Taskforce are pro-Federalism.

Paikisothy widely considered as LTTE Tamil terrorist’s friend who worked to promote and defend the LTTE Tamil terrorists and he is notoriously popular as extremist head of  an anti-Sinhala foreign funded NGO. Paikiasothy has accused for numbers of corruptions charges against misappropriation of funds of the anti-Sri Lankan NGO.

SPUR, a Civil society group in Australia who is working for Peace in Sri Lanka accused Paikiasothy has given limited notices to Australians to provide their proposals to the Taskforce and suspect that Paikiasothy may have given sufficient time pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora.

The letter written to Paikiasothy by the SPUR is as follows;


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