Grand strategy to disintegrate Sri Lanka

From invasions to colonial rule the gameplan was to divide & rule. Success of that can be seen in the manner immigrants now claiming minority rights to divide the country. Tamils & Minority rights have become a convenient battering ram for a lot of players including Tamils themselves. A genuine grievance for a Tamil Homeland nowhere else but Tamil Nadu is incorrectly being shoved down Sri Lanka by parties who lobby for same to camouflage their own agendas. These agendas have successfully made inroads with incremental advances as a result of foolhardy decisions by power hungry Sinhala traitors. Let us connect these dots to visualise the likely outcomes and the future of a nation that has a proud 2600 written history. 

It is not Sri Lanka’s fault that 76million Tamils are without a state to call their own. Stateless nation is a political term for ethnic/national minority that does not possess its own state. Tamil Nadu state has 72million Tamils but in a country with 1.3billion people, Tamils are a minority with no nation. Tamils have been desiring a state/nation for the world 76million Tamils since the early 1900s kicking off the initial demands in India’s Tamil Nadu. 

Tamil nationalism was connected to Dravida nationalism when the self-determination proponents attempted to coopt the other South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh to forming a Dravida Nadu – which later decided not to separate. 

World Tamils seek own homeland : First we need to understand that the Tamils living in South Africa, Malaysia, Fiji, throughout the Caribbean, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world ALL originated/descended from India’s Southern State of Tamil Nadu. That is why Tamil Nadu has 72million of the world 76million populace. Tamil Nadu is where Tamil language, Tamil culture, Tamil traditions all originated and dispersed to other parts of the world when Tamils were taken as indentured labor and when they migrated with time. Tamil people, Tamil language, Tamil culture etc never originated in Sri Lanka to claim homeland. It is crucial to understand and gather the facts that clearly point out that the Homeland of Tamils is nowhere else but Tamil Nadu. There cannot be 2 homelands for the same ethnic group using the same arguments to claim self-determination.  Same ethnic group cannot be born in two places!

Initial calls for a separate Tamil Homeland began in Tamil Nadu yet the British Cripps Mission in 1942 refused to grant a separate Tamil State. The Indians crushed the We Tamil Movement and legislation made sure no one claimed separatism. 

Incidentally it was in 1956 that the State Reorganization Act along linguistic lines was introduced to India and questions whether SWRD was fooled into adopting the same through the Language Act with Sinhala Only in response to the calls for reversal of discrimination for the Sinhalese. Let it be reiterated that the demands were to reverse the injustices to the Sinhala Buddhists and not to marginalize anyone. 

Noteworthy is the manner that Tamil leaders did not object to Colonial office in Britain against the Language Act of 1956 but did so when in 1957 the Social Disabilities Act was introduced giving low caste Tamils the right to education and school. Tamils went to the extent of objecting by writing to the British. 

No one has explained still how a supposed to be grievance against language turned into a pact signed between Bandaranaike & Chelvanayagam agreeing to devolution? Why should a language grievance end up with a federal pact? Was this the work of Indian imperialists too? The same can be probed on the decision to take over buses and lands thus further denying the Sinhalese Buddhists the power they had.

It was India’s decision to destabalize Sri Lanka and pass over Eelam struggle that led to Tamil youth being secretly trained in India to demand an eelam homeland in Sri Lanka, passing off India’s headache to us. 

Sri Lanka used as testing ground 

All 3 colonial rulers referred to Tamils as Malabar Tamils descending from India and it was only in 1911 that the nomenclature Ceylon Tamils came to be used. 

Tamils were the first to create an ethnic named political party – All Ceylon Tamil Congress in 1944 by GG Ponnambalam before independence showcasing British divide and rule policy creating dissent between minorities & the majority. 

What is also noteworthy was the formation of 2 parties both in Sri Lanka & India in the same year – 1949 calling for a separate Tamil state. DMK Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in Tamil Nadu & Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi in Sri Lanka (hiding its true objectives behind the name Federal Party) sought a Tamil Nation. DMK had to drop separatist demand in 1963 though TULF continued via the Vaddokoddai Resolution of 1976. Noteworthy are the timelines – India training Tamil militants in 1970s, Prabakaran forming Tamil New Tigers and the very year of the Vaddukoddai Resolution Prabakaran renaming TNT as LTTE, 

Completely ignored is the fact that the Eelam demands are coming from non-Tamil leaders in Tamil Nadu – Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, MGR Ramachandran, Vijayakanth, Vaiko, Rajnikanth are all not Tamils. Even E V Ramaswamy Naicker the founder of the Dravida Movement was not Tamil. So what is this eelam all about? Even the present day LTTE Diaspora are all holding foreign passports having forfeited their Sri Lankan citizenship?

In keeping the Tamil independence movement in limbo, India has managed to become the king maker in deciding whether eelam is to be given or not. The scenario reminds of Khalistan quest of the Sikhs. In so doing India has been able to make ample inroads claiming sheepishly claiming to project itself as championing the cause of the Tamils. Let us also remind readers that Tamil Nadu self-determination began against Hindi-ruled India and there is no love lost between North & South India both equally hating each other. 

Indianization of Sri Lanka

  • Plans to create a bridge/rail/road link directly with India
  • ETCA agreement allowing Indians to settle, work in Sri Lanka
  • Indian mythology being incorporated using tourism bogey
  • Sri Lankan Buddhist temples falling victim to Hindu gods inside temples
  • Norochcholai power plant sabotages linked to India wanting to supply and taken over Sri Lanka’s energy security
  • Cultural takeover through Hindi movies/Hindi culture
  • India’s attempt to take control of Trinco harbour/tank farms and using business ventures to surround Trinco with Indian interests
  • The Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 and the 13th amendment plagiarized history to create a false historical notion of North and East being historical homeland of Tamil speaking people so the argument would suffice to merge North and East as Trinco is in the East. The calls by Indian agent local Tamil leaders and others for the re-merger even through the new constitution is for India’s sole benefit of security Trinco natural harbour. Signing of the Accord was done after transporting Prabakaran to India and keeping him there until the Accord was signed. Prabakaran had no choice but to agree knowing his fate if he did not do so. His eelam was only for him and his low caste men to reign supreme. The geopolitical interest of Trinco and thus aligning East was solely the work of India. Indo-Lanka Accord & 13a would have been drafted by India as have been all agreements signed thereafter with India
  • India has positioned its influence in all strata of society and is now pushing these buttons to politically influence the governments in power.  
  • When 304m Indians are without electricity India wants to give Sri Lanka electricity.
  • No solution for Indian poaching and stealing Sri Lanka’s fish inside Sri Lanka’s water.
  • Diplomatically India holding Sri Lankan statements to ransom -

West’s hijacking of Tamil minority card for their own political gains in particular with West’ pivot to Asia signalling the return of neo-colonial rule and plunder. 

The West’s imperialist adventures are accompanied and complimented by the use of the mainstream media owned & controlled by them who in turn influence local media, world trade organizations that are used to drop sanctions/deny loans/hold the red card on human rights as excuse / the Church/Vatican & network of Churches who easily influence the local network, the Western government paid NGOs/Humanitarian Organizations/Charities/Rights Groups & Activists & the UN stooges 

If the West was sincere about the War against Terror, they should have congratulated Sri Lanka on militarily defeating the very terrorist group 32 nations continue to ban. Instead, a plethora of allegations without evidence have been targeted against Sri Lanka & its Armed Forces from bogus 40,000 dead figures, well-funded documentary lies, books, reports, panel discussions funded by and presented by paid activists not taking the legal aspects of an armed conflict but throwing unknown people claiming to be either LTTE cadres or anonymous ‘witnesses’ and expecting the whole world to accept that war crimes have been committed.

These calls are complimented with political pressures from Western foreign envoys, UN apparatus, western media and paid activists whose chorus of demands are the same

  • Demilitarize the North – remove the national army. To force the government to do this they have come up with numerous ploys – accusing the army of rape, projecting the notion that the army are everywhere and interfering, showing interviews of people showing anger at the military presence. All these efforts are with the sole goal of trying to give a picture that the military should be removed. To substantiate these a host of doctored reports again with anonymous facts and figures are being used unabashedly by the UN.
  • Repealing laws like PTA – which are important given that the terrorist/eelam threat continues to prevail
  • Removal of patriotic officers and replacing them with subservient officials at every level of public administration.
  • Introducing various supposed corruption mechanism and even bringing public officials before them thus giving the signal that public officials should not question but follow orders – this has further crippled administration.
  • Bringing law & order under PM when it should be under the President.
  • UN influence to change labor laws – to facilitate open economy, liberalizations would mean better opportunities to exploit labor and lesser opportunities to seek legal action against corporates
  • New constitution – drafters are all either eelam lobbyists, foreign bankrolled NGO heads, people peddling federalist ideology and those seeking to tweak the constitution to enable them to remain & die in power!
  • Colonization/Buddhsization chants – all with ulterior intent to remove Sinhalese from North to facilitate eelam demand (removal of Military and Sinhala villages automatically envisages bid for self-determination) for which the West is also pushing for they can easily set up a foreign base in the combined North and East and thus get a better foothold in Asia with strategic trade advantage too.
  • Arrival of UN officials looking into minority rights – with a bigger plan to showcase Tamils not as a minority by combining all Tamils in their greater eelam bid subjecting Sinhalese to a minority status and facilitating the Eelam bid.
  • The West’s intent to create a base in Sri Lanka – news of the former British embassy being turned into military complex has had no response from the present government. Regular arrival of US military officials to the island, ships and planes are also questionable.
  • The lobbies headed by Church fathers against Port City is also noteworthy – a protest is currently taking place.
  • The most powerful country in the world now rigging elections and arresting investigative journalists for covering the North Dakota pipeline is trying to deliver democracy and rule of law to the world!

Blunders by Sri Lankan politicians

  • Failure to squash Homeland/Self-determination theories using historical and academic facts.
  • Failure to officially deny Sri Lanka’s conflict as an ethnic conflict but a terrorist/armed conflict
  • Failure to officially squash notions of colonization claims – colonization does not apply to sovereign countries. People have constitutional rights to live anywhere. The very people who were given numbers and had to seek permission to leave North by LTTE are now ordering Sinhalese to be evicted after soldiers died to give them freedom from LTTE. What an ungrateful people.
  • Failure to stop racism by minorities which as a result have led to reactions by the majority which in turn have generated unnecessary foreign involvement facilitating the advancement of their agendas. Lack of common political consensus on what cannot be bargained or compromise by any political party.
  • Failure of governments with 2/3 majority not to repeal the 13th amendment
  • Special gazette notification of 21 August 2015 that has transferred Bogaswewa village the only Sinhala pradeshiya sabha to North Central from the Northern Province.
  • As regard the question of rights the failure of politicians to clearly state that ONLY INDIVIDUALS have rights not ETHNIC COMMUNITIES. As far as individual rights are concerned laws are in place that guarantees individual rights and wherever there are violations there are avenues to address these wrongs and seek redress.
  • Failure to demand instances from those pointing fingers where violations have occurred with facts,
  • Failure of Sri Lankan governments, public officials, advisors & consultants to draft a national India policy to meet the threats posed by India at different levels across society in Sri Lanka.   

While all this fiasco is going on the Tamils are now working to rejuvenate their transnational government to lay claim to Sri Lanka renaming it Ceylon and demand status of minority be changed in view of global Tamils numbering over 76million as against just 14million Sinhalese. The UN official on minority rights has arrived to facilitate this while the Sinhalese leaders are opening all avenues enabling these LTTE diaspora to not only gain dual citizenship, but buy land, open investments and take over Sri Lanka completely. There are enough of avenues and diplomatic googly’s that can be played to undermine these threats – if only there was leadership and the will. With a subservient government and leaders minus patriotism there is little hope. 

We do not need enemies when we have Sinhala politicians bellowing at each other in Parliament and in cuckoo land not bothered about what is taking place while they are at each other’s throats to come into power. Soon there will be no country for the Sinhalese – let that thought sink in to all.

Shenali D Waduge

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