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Militant Tamil Students and Tamil Criminal Gangs Active in Jaffna

A Tamil criminal motor-cycle group called ‘AAVA Gangsters’ has claimed responsibility for the sword attack on two police officers in the Chunnakama market area.

Similarly, militant Tamil University Students called general disruption in Jaffna to mark killing of drunken two Tamil University students who did not obey the police orders to stop their motor cycle on 20th November night at Chunnakama Police check point.

Under the impression of AAVA group members, Police has fired to the motor-cycle. Two Tamils died from the incident when their motor-cycle hit to the near by wall.

The Tamil under-world criminal group said the attacking on two policemen at Chunankama was a retaliation for the death of two run-away Jaffna university students.

Similar to LTTE Tamil terrorist, AAVA group has warned the police and to the government to expect such retaliation attack on security forces in the future against activities.

A poster put up in Jaffna has a rough translation of that AAVA group has claimed responsibility for other sword attacks in Jaffna and reasoned that those attacked were violent towards women.

The group stressed that punishment will be meted- out to those engaged in activities that would destroy the social norms and ideas in Jaffna. “We, as Tamils cannot witness the destruction of our culture in Jaffna which is considered “the land of culture” of Tamil Eelam,” a rough translation of the poster read.

The group also hinted that Tamil policemen would not be spared if they were to be part of the acts which were considered a detriment to the society. “Although there were certain Sinhala Police Officers who supported the tragic incident the Tamil Police Officers played the lead role.

According to the orders of Judge Ilancheliyan we will mete out appropriate punishment to all the Tamil Police Officers who carried the shooting under the direction of Sub Inspector Srigajan,” the poster said.

The sword attacks were a measure of preventing social evils in the peninsula which saved many villages from robberies and burglaries and many women from violence, the group claimed.

In statement previously, the police claimed the policemen were injured while trying to stop a robbery.

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