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SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)

Australia based Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc, SPUR   had written an opened letter to the UNHCR with regards to its unfair dealing with Sri Lanka.  The full text of the letter is as follows;

SPUR  (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc)                   4

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The Hon Representative for ETHIOPIA  at UNHCR


Dear Sir/Madam

On 16th May , the Malaysian  Government arrested 3 most wanted LTTE –Tamil Tigers- leaders and handed over them to Sri Lankan government authorities. The Malaysian Police have launched an operation to hunt down more LTTE activists. According the reports the arrested three had been in Malaysia from 2004 having entered the country illegally by presenting UNHRC passes. The Malaysian Police have taken into custody the LTTE propaganda material, communications and foreign currency belonging to 24 countries. Of the arrested one was the Dy Leader of the LTTE air force while the other was a very senior member of the LTTE intelligence wing. The third was an active member of the LTTE media.

Another  LTTE activist surfaced in South India whose name was peddled by the LTTE propaganda as killed by the Sri Lankan army.

At the recently concluded UNHCR sessions at which your country  abstained from voting the Resolution on Sri Lanka’s alleged violation of human rights during the last phase of the war. As you recollect the war was fought with the LTTE, the world’s deadliest terrorist organization which was responsible for the most number of suicide bombings including killing of thousands of unarmed innocent civilians. In fact, during the war years Sri Lanka was identified by many as a near failed state on account of the instability created by the LTTE war tactics,

Finally, the LTTE was defeated in May, 2009 and Sri Lanka has been able to resettle the IDPs, rehabilitated the LTTE’s cadres and is proceeding ahead with a vast development plan to bring back the peace dividend to her people. In fact, the socio-economic data places Sri Lanka at the very top of all nations in South Asia.

But, the threat of separatism   and armed terrorism to Sri Lanka has not ceased when one examines the anti Sri Lanka activities conducted by the members of the LTTE and their front organizations based outside Sri Lanka. In fact, the Country Report on Terrorism issued by the United States of America in April 2014 states that “The LTTE’s financial network support continued to operate throughout 2013…the LTTE uses its international contacts and the large Tamil diaspora in North Africa, Europe and Asia to procure weapons, communications, funding and other needed supplies” .

In the circumstances, Sri Lanka, to prevent resurgence of armed terrorism in Sri Lanka banned the LTTE and affiliated 15 other organizations and named a number of individuals under the UN Security Council Resolution 1371 with effect from 1st April 2014. The order enables the funds, assets, economic resources belonging to or owned by the designated persons and entities to remain frozen until the removal of their names from the designated list.

What is urgently needed is the RECOGNICTION of the actual threat encountered by the Sri Lankan State and her people in that,  in a comparatively short period Sri Lanka can be plunged into another unstable war with the LTTE thus rendering a very dark period for her 21 million people with possible international ramifications.

We, therefore REQUEST you to consider carefully, the unenviable situation confronting Sri Lanka, a valued member of the UN System and take immediate and meaningful steps to apprehend and control the agents of cross border terrorism ie the LTTE and their fronts in keeping with letter and spirit of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373.

We request your kind consideration to our appeal

Thanking you,


Ranjith Soysa


17TH June 2014

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