Attempt of Punitive / Retributive Justice by UNHCR-March 2014

By Kanthar Balanathan, Melbourne, Australia

It is a pity that writers, Journalists, politicians from the west and India in particular, are quite interested in nailing down SriLanka in an international forum (UN), which is located in the US. First of all has anyone asked a question as to why UN is located in the US? Secondly Navaneethampillai is a Tamil from South Africa. Could it be inevitable that she may not be impartial, and may have softer mind-set towards the Tamils? Can anyone sturdily deny this fact?
When making comments and decisions, West and India has forgotten the atrocities committed by the LTTE terrorist for 39 years, the political disturbances created by the Federal Party (FP) and the Pro-LTTE TNA for 60 years, and the fact, FP & TNA was a frame in the irrational political structure and comportment of Tamils in SriLanka.
India’s foreign policy in the 70s and 80s was a failure. India trained LTTE terrorists in India, which is against the political and democratic norm in political science. India forcing Sri Lanka to accept the make-up of the 13th amendment is another failure, as India did not critically analyse the requirement of a political framework for a small country with a very small minority (Tamil) in that country. The forcible 13th amendment with Indian military is despotism.
India and the west are raising questions about the last days of the war, however, does not their political intelligence trigger to ask questions on why the internal war erupted, what is the root cause of the internal war, and will any country tolerate the deterioration and falling-off of their economy?
The concealed concept of attempting to victimise a country lies on the direction in which the country allies. If there is a slight doubt that the country is leaning towards the opposition to US or UK, then the West will use all its efforts to change the governance and plant a comedian who will be an ally to US. Isn’t that simple as that? An intelligent person should be able to study the pattern of disturbance around the world and conclude why such disturbances have erupted, and the root cause of it. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, Syria and the current Ukraine are examples. Further what has UN got to say about Diego Garcia?
USA proliferates quite pungently about “democracy”. However, allowing, floating a “Communist Party” or “Socialist Party” in the US is questionable? Would not the elements of “Democracy” allow this freedom of choice of participation in governance? Well, it is up to the citizens of a country to choose an appropriate ideology for governance. Isn’t that what democracy preaches? “of the people, for the people, by the people”.
USA and NATO want to plant their forces, have unrestricted access to their forces next to the doors of Russia and China. Have we forgotten when JF Kennedy, in the 60s, said that US will sink the Russian ships if they get closer to Cuba? Democratic leaders should accept the fact that any unwritten law should be the same to all countries.
As far as the theoretical, theatrical, Human Rights Violations speculated / imposed by the West, and some NGO’s who have nothing else to do but align with the West for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding, is nothing but absolute waste of time and money for humanity. Has the West strolled out of true justice and wants punitive/ retributive justice for SL, whereas USA themselves are subject to punitive justice for the war crimes committed against humanity in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.
The resolution should be considered as a hard-hearted punitive legislation if accepted by countries. Every country should research, pattern of disturbances, human rights violations by US, UK & India, instigation of the LTTE terrorists by India, failure and irrational foreign policy of India in the 70s & 80s causing potential threat to Sri Lankan sovereignty, and reject the resolution
The United Nations is understood as a collective organisation to provide positive contribution, and not cause negative impact to the growth of countries. The United Nations is understood to play a pivotal and positive role in this function. Promoting the UN establishment as an impartial, sensible and rational international political and economic order will strengthen the role of the UN in the new era.
Let the UN, UNHCR talk on rehabilitative justice for positive growth and not punitive justice for negativity.

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