Cameron Visit to Jaffna – duress from Tamil Businessman Party Supporter

Sources in UK reported that a pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s mobile businessman is one of the main sources of funds to the governing Conservative party. Since 2011, this pro-LTTE businessman has provided funds to the present ruling Conservative party.

The request of UK Prime Minister David Cameron should visit Jaffna during his participating CHOGM in November 2013 in Sri Lanka is known to have been successful, as a result of the pressure made  by this Tamil mobile telephone businessman. It is widely assumed that Prime Minister David Cameron could not have refused the request of this Tamil businessman who financially supports his party. The Huffington Post states that the pressure by the mobile telephone businessman could be the reason for David Cameron’s visit to Jaffna.

Lycca mobile, a UK based mobile telephone company has floated a charity trust called “Gnanam” in Sri Lanka.
Mr. Subaskaran of Lycca Mobile has agreed to provide 200 Crores of  rupees to help Tamils in North  and East provinces where Cameron made an abrupt visit out of all other head of states who were in Sri Lanka for the CHOGM in November 2013. During his stay in Sri Lanka, Cameron, who was motivated by his Tamil voters in UK and Tamil businessmen, called for an international investigation on Sri Lanka in its war against LTTE terrorism.

Further, sources reported that Mr. Subaskaran of Lycca Mobile has provided funds up to £20 Crores to the organisation, “British Asian Trust”, administered by Prince Charles.

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