Oh, Cameron! Why Have You Forsaken Tim, Deirdre And Iona?

By Blind Spot

The names, Tim Macpherson, Deirdre Higham and Iona Macpherson obviously mean nothing to the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s Government, David Cameron.
But, maybe it is time to remind Cameron as to who they were.

Tim was a retired British Army officer and the managing director of the largest malt company in the UK. His wife, Deirdre Macpherson (nee Higham) was a talented artist. Iona Macpherson was their 20 year old daughter, and the youngest sister of Louise and Kate. They were loyal British citizens, who met a most terrible end, by being burnt to death on board the Air Lanka aircraft that was bombed by the Tamil Tigers on May 3, 1986. In fact, the bomb was set to kill 128 innocent people including 25 British nationals, on board flight UL 512 from Colombo to Male, after having arrived in Colombo from London.

Fortunately however for 107 of the 128 passengers, (but not the Macpherson family), due to a delay in the departure time, the time bomb exploded while the flight was still on the ground at the airport. As a result, of the 128 on board, the deaths were limited to 21, while 41 persons including 5 British nationals, were injured.

Twenty seven years after this tragedy, David Cameron came to Sri Lanka. While in Sri Lanka, he proudly announced that he was the first British Prime Minister to visit the previously Tiger controlled North of Sri Lanka. Cameron of course forgot to acknowledge that he was able to go to Jaffna only because the Sri Lanka government had rid the entire country of the menace of the Tamil Tigers. But, that was not the only matter that he forgot.

Cameron, in his anxiety to please the vociferous Tamil Diaspora in his electorate, forgot that the British people would have naturally expected him to display concern and sympathy for those British citizens who had been so brutally killed and injured by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka in 1986. Cameron also forgot that the British people would have wanted him to raise this issue with current TNA leader and previously the political proxy for the Tamil Tigers, R. Sampanthan, and find out the reasons as to why the Tamil Tigers took the terrible step of bombing, burning, killing and maiming the British nationals who had no connection to the conflict in Sri Lanka.

If Cameron had not forgotten such elementary matters, out of the total voting population of 49.1 million British voters, 48.9 million British voters (leaving out the 0.2 million Tamil Diaspora voters), would have been happy, leaving only the tiny Tamil Diaspora voters base unhappy with his conduct. But, David Cameron was not inclined to safeguard the interests of 48.9 million UK voters, or the feelings of 63 million British people. He was only interested in appeasing 200,000 Tamil voters whose votes he was trying to attract, and whose funds he was relying on, for his campaign. He was also obviously compromised, since he had to carry out a highly charged “Sri Lanka bashing act”, in consideration for the votes and the funds. As a result therefore, Cameron forgot, or didn’t care too much about, the traditional British constituents of Britain.

In these circumstances, this latest Cameron fiasco and his attitude towards the majority of the British people should now be a clear eye opener for the 48.9 million UK voters, who should now realize what kind of a Prime Minister they have elected to guide the destiny of their country. A greedy man who is guided by lavish campaign contributions, rather than sound national priorities or acceptable international principles and practices to shape British foreign policy; a weak man who can be led by campaign contributions, just like his colleague in the Labour Party, David Miliband, who has now been fully exposed as a recipient of generous Tamil Tiger connected funding, which funds probably have its origin with drugs, smuggling, piracy and extortion; an intellectually corrupt man who can be easily persuaded by cash, and not matters of state.

To make matters worse, Cameron, in his haste also forgot another fundamental universal truth that all actions have equal and opposite reactions. In that regard, he has obviously overlooked that, very soon, 48.9 million British voters will ask him as to why he was not the least bit concerned about Tim, Deirdre and Iona, who were good, honourable, law abiding British citizens; They will ask him as to whether those persons who were brutally killed by the Tamil Tigers, did not even deserve one word of follow up from those who were involved with the killers, when their Right Honourable Prime Minister met them face to face; They will ask him as to what trust they could have in leader who will barter away their fellow citizens’ souls, for a few pieces of silver in order to win a few votes; They will ask him as to whether he would even enter into a pact with the devil in order to get into, and stay in, power; They will ask him as to the reason why the current British leadership is not being guided by good sense and righteousness, but by the demands of the voting blocs of the proxies of the Tamil Tigers.

When the majority of the British public come to grips with this ground reality, they would surely demand that this pathetic behaviour on the part of their leaders where the all-too-familiar episodes of “the tail wagging the dog”, must stop; They will also decide that a new message will have to be given to their leaders, that the appeasement of a tiny section of their population, all the time, at any cost, must stop. That would be the day that the likes of David Cameron and David Miliband would be exposed and driven out, and Britain could once again boast of political leaders who could take principled decisions, without succumbing to the whims and fancies of dubious financiers and vociferous activists with blood on their hands, who are today holding Britain’s foreign policy to ransom.

In the meantime, sadly, David Cameron will encounter an even more harrowing experience, since from now onward, he will forever be haunted by the desperate images and cries of Tim, Deirdre and Iona, whose anguish at the hour of their horrible deaths, has now been amplified by their terrible betrayal by their own Prime Minister.

The added pain of Tim, Deirdre and Iona would also penetrate Cameron’s thick skin to reach the depths of his heart, denying him any rest until he atones for his callousness towards his former fellow citizens, by begging forgiveness from them as well as the 63 million British people. Be that it may, in time to come, Cameron would rue the day where he was more concerned about appeasing the perpetrators of violence, mayhem and murder, rather than providing comfort to the victims of that brutal violence!

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