Now it is becoming clearer day-by-day that the final battle against the 30-year old LTTE Tamilterrorism was fought primarily to rescue the Tamils under the LTTE domination hence it was called ‘a Humanitarian Operation’.

President Rajapaksa’s peace delegation had two rounds of negotiations with the LTTE high command, one in Geneva and one in Norway after 2005. Therefore, he was ready to grant some political autonomy for the Tamils. Other than that the then Political Alliance (UPFA), which continue to hold power up to date has not said any other reason for the said final battle. There was, no mentioned whatsoever about any ideological issue prevailing behind the LTTE terrorism. The LTTE had their own ideology – the Tamil eelam concept.  Respective governments including the present government rejected the idea that the vast majority of the Tamils are for the LTTE ideology.

The respective governments held the notion that, what most Tamils want are housing, jobs, language rights etc. and not Tamil eelam. Therefore, all governments up to date did not develop any political ideology before the final battle was fought.

Now the government is paying a heavy price for not fighting the war with a proper political ideology.  By deciding to hold the Northern Provincial Council Election (NPCE), the present government effectively handed over vast amount of political powers through the Northern Provincial Councils to Tamil political parties that held the concept of a Tamil State on their own long before Prabakaren was born.

The question now we should ask ourselves is ‘did thousands of the Sinhala soldiers fought the war merely to rescue the Tamils?  If that was the case then, there cannot be any unhappiness and frustration among the vast majority of the military personnel including the Defence Secretary himself.

Repeated statements issued by Def: Sec: Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa (GR) tells a different story. First, GR warned the government about holding the NPCE thereby empowering a hostile provincial administration in the North (The Island – 24th May 2013). Further, he was against holding of the NPCE under present ethnic composition, which is exclusively Tamil (The Island – 18th June 2013). Now, can anybody says that his views were merely of his own and not a reflection of the views of the vast majority of the military personnel?  Therefore, the main question that the vast majority of military personnel is now likely to ask is ‘did we fought the war and sacrificed our brethren and friends in order to hand over the Northern Province to Tamil political parties with the Eelam concept through the existing political mechanism? To transfer the Tamil eelam struggle to theeelam Tamil political parties thereby paving the way for them to continue their struggle on the political field?

During the past few weeks the government has taken steps to remove almost all the road check points in the North, relocate all the army camps near main roads and close down all the sale outlets manned by the army. Is that an indication that the army would withdraw from the North almost completely under heavy political pressure from eelam Tamil political parties now holds the political power in the North and under international pressure for a political settlement for the Tamils? It has now become a question of time.

It was known well that the military struggle accounted only for 40% of the eelam struggle and 60% was then fought as a political struggle. Government did not fight 1% in that front, which has now become 100% due to political misconceptions of the politicians.

SinhalaNet Special Correspondent.

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