Dr P .Saravanamuttu at the Military Academy

Any person with an iota of IQ would have hidden his head in utter shame seeing garlanded Dr Pakiyasothi Saravanmuttu being welcomed to the John Kothalawala Military academy as a guest of honour by the Principal of the institution.

To recognize Dr PS is simply a case of Sri Lanka military authorities leaping upon the sacred alter either through compulsion by the higher political movers or an act of putting one’s foot in it perpetrated by the military men seeking short term favours from their masters. In either scenario, it is indeed an ugly act which sticks in one’s gullet.

Dr PS career speaks volumes about his direct and indirect support of the objectives and agenda which contradicts Sri Lankan armed forces core values and issues faced during the last three decades. The most critical issue which confronted Sri Lankan armed forces was to tackle LTTE terrorism backed by the separatists. Dr PS  was firmly on the side opposite the Sri Lankan armed forces and was highly critical of the role played by them. After the war Dr PS had been riding the high horse in his numerous tasks in running down the achievements of the military to please his separatist’s bloc and paymasters. One glaring example is the his push for the foreign judges to investigate the ‘war crimes’ said to be committed by the members of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Given below is a report of Dr PS’s views which does not take into account the sovereign rights of the nation and its Parliament. I quote,

“Addressing the media at the Government Information Department, Secretary to the group of activists Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu said that particular recommendation had been made in accordance with the Geneva Resolution adopted in Oct, 2015. The Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) underscored the full participation of foreign personnel while emphasizing the pivotal importance of a proper selection process for both local and foreign judges and other personnel.”

This is how Dr PS attempted to bend the constitutional rights of the Nation to suit his narrow agenda. On another piece on Dr PK, a writer comments,

“   Dr. Pakiasothy Saravanamuthy (Secretary)

Dr. Pakiasothy is the Executive Director of the CPA. “CPA has since its inception been at the forefront of the advocacy of federalism as a political and constitutional idea for addressing many of the constitutional problems and anomalies that characterize the Sri Lankan State.” (www.cpalanka.org)

CPA was at the forefront of the 2002 Norwegian backed Cease Fire Agreement and recipient of Rs. 272.31 mn during the three-year period. Some of these funding sources Norwegian Embassy, Commission Des Communautes (Norway), European Commission, European Union, National Endowment for Democracy (US),

Donors to CPA include USAID, Canadian International Development Agency, EU, Ford Foundation, GTZ, National Democratic Institute, NORAD, OXFAM, Save the Children Sri Lanka, Asia Foundation, Berghof Foundation, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR

He was openly critical of the GOSL banning 16 LTTE fronts under UNSC Resolution 1373 in 2014 though not calling that they be investigated to prove their links to the LTTE and thereafter have them removed if not..”

To add insult to the injury Dr PK ‘s handling of the activities and especially the administration of the vast funds donated by numerous sources to his CPA has opened many a query.

“Quoting Colombo Telegraph “Dr Saravanamuttu is himself accused of similar kinds of corruption – billing for un-held workshops, double billing scandals; i.e getting grants from two donors to do the same task and duplicating receipts, hotel bills and other bills to submit to donors (perhaps even submitting same bills to multiple donors), and hoodwinking donors by filing expenses under safe cost columns.” www.colombotelegraph.com
Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu & CPA Slip White-Collar Crime Under ‘Executive-Summary’ Carpet www.colombotelegraph.com….”

“ Whistleblowers continue to send us information that indicates that there is fraud, nepotism, favoritism, selective punishment, signature forgeries and other serious problems in the CPA.  We are in the process of investigating these allegations. We have given more than enough time to CPA to respond.  It is up to the CPA to reply and clear its name. It is European Union’s and UNESCO’S duty to compare the project proposals and the bills which the CPA and IFJ have submitted and make them public. What we have shown is how people pocket NGO money and how they cheat the donors by producing forged bills. The story is still unfolding.

We conclude this by quoting the anti-corruption activist, a retired civil servant who checked the documents against the allegations: “When you first spoke to me about these allegations I couldn’t believe something like this could’ve happened under Dr Sara, but after the investigation I can say, ‘the CPA is a CESSPIT OF BILE”’.”

Above is a thumb sketch of Dr PS who was invited as a guest of honour and dully garlanded by Sri Lanka’s premier military academy.

It should be clear to any discriminating reader that Dr PS is not an astute member of the civil society nor a person who recognizes the importance of the Nation State. He is indeed a Devil’s advocate or a Devil dodger. The persons of his calibre if invited to important occasions of the armed forces let alone any other nationally significant functions will only bring disgrace and humiliation,

It is not too late to identify properly the individuals who carry fire in one hand and water in the other.


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