Soldier Defended Rana Viruvo at UN

The seasoned soldier and patriot Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara defended the war heroes from bogus war crime allegations and the nation from separatism. It was a single hand handled operation in side the UNHRC head office in Geneva by Rear Admiral while dozen of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist sympathizers from Sri Lanka and worldwide surrounded by him.

A LTTE Tamil terrorist sympathizer called Sarath Weerasekara as a war criminal following listening to his logically presented speech and while presenting the report prepared by Global Sri Lankan Forum in response to number of fabricated reports compiled by UN.

Click below link to watch the video in which Rear Admiral responding to LTTE Tamil terrorist.

The full text of the speech and video of Rear Admiral is as follows;

Mr. President,

 I speak on behalf of Sri Lankan war time leaders and men who defeated LTTE, the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world.

The resolution 30/1 against Sri Lanka was based on OISL report of the High Commissioner with war crime charges. The foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, without the approval of the President and the Cabinet, accepted the report and co- sponsored the resolution with USA.

I am tabling two reports, one in which the world renowned experts have clearly mentioned that we have never committed war crimes and the other prepared by an eminent board, wetted by the former Chief Justice, proving how the High Commissioner’s report seriously flawed with contradictions, omissions and lies.

What we had in our country was a Non International Armed Conflict and the applicable laws are the International Humanitarian Law and not the International Human Rights law. When you apply IHL it is very clear that it was the LTTE and not the SL troops who did commit war crimes.

We request the UN General Assembly to assign a special rapporteur to investigate the matter, impose a moratorium on the UNHRC from pursuing the resolution any further, till such investigation is completed.

It’s a pity that the UNHRC which kept a blind eye when LTTE was using human shields and child soldiers, is now leveling war crime charges on the very troops which destroyed the LTTE and protected the Human Rights of all. It’s typical example of double standard and hypocracy.

Thank you


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