11th Victory Celebration

Every brave Heroic, Soldiers who sacrificed thier life ,flesh and blood for the great motherland dedicated to this freedom must be proudly honored.

Especially, our three forces , Police along with  Medi-Heros  continues to do their best to serve the lives of those who are still living today.  The only difference is the leadershipTeam  that lead them.

Regardless of whatever  you say credit  and  honor should be bestowed upon  then President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was the Commander-in-Chief and the then Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and all in Triforces including that of  civil Defence force.  It is noteworthy that not only terrorists, including Prabhakaran, but also the country’s human rights were bravely protected by the country. Although there have been no war fought without a bloodbath, the war ended in 2009 gave the best humanitarian Victory achived by any nation across the globe.

In addition, former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, Navy Commander Wasantha Karannagoda, Air Force Commander Roshan Gunatilleke Civil Defence Force head Sarath Weerakekara ,   Major General Kamal Gunaratne, Major General Brigadier Shavendra Silva & Police not forgetting.

As  war veterans, the kind of  feeling of uncertainty, fear, stress, and irreplaceable console accomplished after the remarkable victory will never be forgotten.

If it had not been so then our motherland you and I would not have got to live the present life.  However, it is most fascinating to see  that all those who led that struggling battle  11 years later, are now leading the country and the Covid 19 battle, joining hands with the medi- heroes who are now in forefront showing the world that   Sri Lanka to be the best handled nation across the globe while not only the Sri Lankan but also the Foringers who got stranded in the country was well treated by all Sri Lankans this proving the world we are the champions in terms of Hospitality.

Since this is our true National Independence Day, it is more appropriate to commemorate this day of victory as it is our true National Independence Day.

Nonetheless, Let us all  learn from our  proud history, heal the wounds of the minds, and live in hormony  irrespective of  race, ethnicity, caste,  color of the skins to join hands  together all as Sri Lankans to win and Heal the whole world.!

Heroes are our lives and we are forever indebted to you
This salute is for you Sirs!

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