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177 Army Officers promoted to mark 11th Vijayagrahanaya Anniversary

A total of 177 Army Officers including former Defence Attaché at Sri Lankan High Commission in London Brigadier Priyanka Fernando have been promoted to their next ranks by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa coinciding with 11th National War Heroes Commemoration, the Army said.

Accordingly, five Brigadiers, 4 Colonels of Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, 39 Majors, 69 Captains and 60 Second Lieutenants were promoted to their next ranks with the concurrence of the Ministry of Defence and recommendations of the Chief of Defence Staff, Commander of the Army Shavendra Silva.

This is one of the largest segments of promotions, made in recent times.

The promoted Major Generals were; A.P.I Fernando, C.U Marasinghe , T.J Kodithuwakku, H.P Ranasinghe and C.D Weerasuriya.

Colonels S.N Samarawickrama, H.M.N.B Herath, N.G.S Thilakarathne and K.N Perera were promoted to the rank of Brigadier.

Earlier, the Army said that a record of 14,617 other ranks of Sri Lanka Army would also be promoted in view of the National War Heroes’ Day.

Army said that Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva was the driving-force behind the project to initiate the move to long-awaited promotions.

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