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A Big Bouquet of Thanks to the Sincere Members of Our Armed Forces.

I write to thank thousands of Sri Lankan armed forces’ members for their exemplary and attentive services extended in handling efficiently the vaccination program of Sri Lankans who are waging an unenviable war against the Covid-19 epidemic and according to reports they vaccinated around 150,000-200,000 a day!

The way they set off on the program deserves our highest praise as we did not see any complaints regard the service and the way the vaccinations were administered. We saw how the men and women in uniforms helped the disabled and the old to counters where the services were extended and again accompanied them back by showering the needy people with kindness.

It was ironic indeed to watch the health workers proceeding to strike when the iron was hot by being oblivious to the sick and many others who were seeking advice and guidance from the health sector, they completely ignored that they were getting paid for their input while tens of thousands of Sri Lankans had lost their jobs and many hundreds of small businessmen were forced to close shop. And they forgot their primary duty and decided to strike at a very vulnerable hour of the nation. BUT the men and women of the armed forces came to the rescue of the beleaguered nation and completed the task expected of them serenely.

Yet, we heard some narrow-minded comments from the health professionals saying that the health service is not a section of the armed forces to be run like a brigade under a commander. The armed forces did not waste time to reply to these wayward comments, but they rendered their services to the helpless Sri Lankans.

We hark back to dark days when the terrorists attempted to put the nation under the weather. As the last resort, we had to be saved and liberated by the heroic members of the armed forces at the expense of thousands of their fellow members who sacrificed their lives and others were heavily injured. Similarly at present, the nation is attempting to overcome a deadly epidemic and the uniformed heroes have come to our rescue. We are grateful to you dear brothers and sisters.

By Ranjith Soysa

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