AG Recommends to Remove Pro-LTTE Vijayakala

The Attorney General has informed Speaker Karu Jayasuriya that he could take action as per the provisions of the Standing Orders against former Deputy Minister Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists Vijayakala Maheswaran for her calling for the revival of the LTTE Tamil Terrorists.

The AG has also informed the Speaker that his department studied and inspected the actions to be taken by the Police following their investigations into Maheswaran’s terror statement at a state function in Jaffna. The report, compiled by the special police team, appointed to probe the statement was handed over to the IGP, who subsequently referred it to the Attorney General’s Department.
A team of lawyers of the Attorney General’s Department, under the chairmanship of Additional Solicitor General, was entrusted with the task of looking into the police investigation report and it submitted its recommendations to the Attorney General.

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