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Archeological Heritage in Vavniya – By Major Sarath Jayawardene

First copies of historical sagas, ‘Vavuniya Puravidya Urumaya’ (Archaeological Heritage of Vavuniya) and ‘Lakdiva Sangrama Ithihasaya’ (History of Sri Lankan Warfare), authored by Major Sarath Jayawardene of the Army after conducting extensive researches into archaeological roots and physical visits, were presented to Major General Sampath Kotuwegoda, Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force on Friday (25) at the SLAVF Headquarters at Kosgama.

Major Sarath Jayawardene earned his Master of Arts in Heritage studies from the University of Kelaniya and his high level of academia in respective fields inspired him to bring out these two documented accounts which provide insights into both military history as well as Sri Lanka’s archaeological heritage that runs into million years of history.

The ‘Vavuniya Puravidya Urumaya’ speaks of identified historical places of religious and cultural values in the whole of the Wanni region and the North Central Province in particular, tracing the history of this land and the region in particular.

The ‘Lakdiva Sangrama Ithihasaya’, documents the annals of historical occurrences from the arrival of the King Vijaya up until the culmination of the Humanitarian operation, the ultimate liberation of the masses and the land from ruthless LTTE terrorists. This book is the second such work, edited by the author adding one more chapter to the military literature of the country.

Comprehensive accounts in both books immensely revitalize the insatiable urge of academic researchers and would undoubtedly serve as handy reading materials for the qualitative enhancement of knowledge of both budding military personnel as well as the common masses.

Major General Sampath Fernando extended his best wishes and appreciated his dedicated commitment for these two valuable works.

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