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Australian authorities deny Tamil refugee status for Pro-LTTEers

Tharnicaa Murugappan, a three-year-old member of a Sri Lankan Tamil illegal refugeefamily, detained in a centre for illegal immigrants in Australia’s Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, looking medical treatment general high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora are using this normal incident to clear immigration formalities to get formal refugee status for this pro-LTTE Tamil family which is a good illegal business for Tamil diaspora in all over the world.

Last Monday night, she was finally medically evacuated from her illegal refugee centre to a childrens hospital on the mainland in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Her mother Priya was allowed to accompany Tharnicaa to Perth, but her father, Nades, and five-year-old sister Kopika, were to remain imprisoned on Christmas Island fearing they may not returned to the detention centre for illegal immigrants.

Tharnicaa is the youngest of the Tamil refugee family, who were arrested more than three years ago in their illegal home in the central Queensland town of Biloela. Having been born just prior to her arrest, Tharnicaa has spent most of her life in Australia’s illegal refugee centre.

There is mass opposition to the family’s detention, and to attempts by Scott Morrison’s federal Liberal-National government to deport them to Sri Lanka. Spearheading the call for their release is the community in Biloela, which has been fighting for more than three years through the “Home to Bilo” campaign to set a precedent to release other illegal Tamil refugees.

Situated in rural central Queensland, Biloela is a hub for coal mining operations and has a large abattoir that employs a number of illegal pro-Tamil terrorists’ immigrants and refugees.

Tamil are entering to many Western, North American countries and Australia where a strong presence of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora.

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