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  • Australia’s war against boats

    Australia’s war against boats

    By Mahir Ali

    (Courtesy of Khaleej Times)

    ON Monday, the High Court of Australia granted a temporary injunction against the transfer of 153 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers to that country’s authorities after a boat conveying them from India was intercepted by …



    Nalin de Silva
    Courtesy for Daily News

    The Malaysian authorities have to be congratulated for deporting two so called refugees and one “asylum seeker” who are none other than terrorists whose interests are being watched by “Human rights watch”. It …

  • Canada admitted defeat

    Canada admitted defeat

    By  Prof. Nalin de Silva

    (Courtesy of Daily news)

    I was not surprised when the High Commissioner for Canada in Sri Lanka said that Canada would boycott the victory celebrations in Matara. According to the President it was a victory …

  • Sovereignty under threat

    Sovereignty under threat

    The Northern Province provincial council is threatening and challenging the government of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan state over sovereignty of the country. The Provincial Council that includes some LTTE sympathizers and a widow of a terrorist leader has …