British opposition party support LTTE Terrorists for Tamil Votes

Shadow Foreign Minister Douglas Alexander of Conservative Party at a meeting with the Pro-LTTE  Tamil terrorists in London  was told to put pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to seek an international inquiry in Sri Lanka to gain Tamils votes in the forthcoming UK election.

Cameron during his politicized  visit to Jaffna to gain more Tamil votes than his arch rival Conservative Party said his government would work with the UN Human Rights Commissioner to seek an independent international investigation to sataified the Tamil diaspora.

During the meeting with boned LTTE in UK,  the Pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorists groups such as Tamil Information Centre, the Global Tamil Forum, Tamils for Labour, Tamils Against Genocide, British Tamils Forum, Hindu Temples, Tamil National Alliance and Tamil Youth Organisation, British opposition member Alexander said that his opposition  party will not let the Sri Lankan issue of accountability and reconciliation rest and will urge Cameron immediately to join calls for an international inquiry  again to satisfied Tamil voters in the UK election.

Sri Lankan government dismisses all such groups as remnants of the LTTE and charges British politicians of using the Lankan issue for their domestic electoral politics.

The general public asking from the British politicians will they hold such meetings with pro-Al Qaida members and will they recognized the front organization of other banned terrorists groups in the UK?


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