LTTE Tamil Terrorist’s Kangaroo Court in Germany

A Rome based little known pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorist group called Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT)  is conducting so called inquiry  on Sri Lanka in Bremen, Germany.

A panel of people assembled by the PPT to hear charges made against Sri Lanka by another LTTE Tamil terrorist’s front organisation called International Human Rights Association (IMRV) in Bremen and the one man runs Pro-LTTE terrorists Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka (IFPSL).

Interestingly, charges have been served against by this LTTE terrorist’s front organization to British, US and Indian states for guilty of complicity in the allegations raised against the Sri Lankan government.

A similar Tribunal was organized in January 2010 in Dublin by Sinhala students who later converted to asylum seeker to get EU passport.  For the Germen event, number of ex-LTTE terrorists migrated to Europe are participating as direct victims of the terrorist war carried out by LTTE Tamil terrorists.

In addition to the direct testimony by ex-LTTE terrorists and LTTE sympathizers living in Europe, reports and documents compiled by various Sri Lanka based Pro-LTTE NGOs and different international organisations and human rights groups will be submitted to the event.

While the agenda of the so called tribunal to probe into the role played by the US since 1980s the panel has deliberely overlooked to probe into the role of Indian in training and arming of LTTE Tamil terrorists in India in early 1980s and British supports to runs the LTTE head office in the city of London until 9/11 attack.

Among those scheduled to speak at the event are members of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora and corrupted journalists from British Channel 4.

One sided pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist findings by the PPT are planning to submit to Human Rights Council, a Western biased politicised UN arm in Geneva for the ruling on Sri Lanka ahead of its March 2014 session.


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